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Star Control: Origins – Menkmack Quests

Menkmack Quests

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Form an Alliance with the Menkmack

The Menkmack have a little problem they could use help with. A moon sized creature keeps eating the atmosphere of their homeworlds.

  1. Make contact with the Menkmack homeworld.
  2. Make contact with the Greegrox homeworld to learn that the Menkmack stole the Ancient One’s egg.
  3. Confront the Menkmack about this.
  4. There are two ways to obtain the egg:
    • Pay the Menkmack 40000 RU for it.
    • Steal it from the facility on Theta Priapus I.
  5. After obtain the egg deliver it to the Greegrox around the Ancient One.
  6. Speak with the Menkmack on their homeworld to complete the alliance with them.

The Fake Ice World

The Menkmack would like to play a prank on the Mu’Kay.

  1. Receive the quest The Search for Fish from the Mu’Kay.
  2. Speak with the Menkmack homeworld about the Mu’Kay and agree to the prank or not.
  3. Talk to the Mu’Kay homeworld and give them the coordinates.
  4. Return to the Menkmack for your reward, 5000 RU. All rewards from the Mu’Kay for Ice worlds will be halved, so best to turn this one at the end so you won’t lose profit.
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