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Star Control: Origins – Mowlings Quests

Mowlings Quests

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Form an Alliance with the Mowlings

To ally with the Mowlings you will need permission from their god, Jeff, he’s a pretty swell guy.

  1. Speak with the Mowlings homeworld, Moop, located in Delta Xiphios B.
  2. After that Jeff will enter the system, talk to him and he will have you cure the Mowlings cough.
  3. Locate and talk with the Pinthi. Their homeworld is on Alpha Acroix II.
  4. Return to the Mowlings’ homeworld with a Pinthi ship. You will need an alliance with the Pinthi for one.
  5. Talk to Jeff for the next step, which is to build the Mowlings a hospital.
  6. Either collect the materials yourself and deliver to the Mowlings, 10 units each of Argon and Polonium plus 1 Tzo Crystal, or give them a lander so they can gather them themselves, you will have to wait a while for them to finish.
  7. After the hospital is finished talk to Jeff. Congratulations, you are now the god of the Mowlings.
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