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Star Control: Origins – Pinthi Quests

Pinthi Quests

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Form an Alliance with the Pinthi

Who doesn’t want to be friends with sapient bioweapons?

  1. Go make contact with the Pinthi homeworld located on Alpha Acroix II.
  2. Talk about the Mowlings’ cold.
  3. There are several things that can be done to ally with Pinthi:
    • Send a crewmember so the Pinthi can analyze humanity’s DNA. This lead to the quest Cure yourselves of the Pinthi infection.
    • Instead of crewmember, you can use the Meat Puppet, see quest Defend the Tywom in their trial.
    • Stop the Greegrox from attacking the Pinthi.
  4. After an alliance is made you will receive a Pinthi crew officer.

Cure yourselves of the Pinthi infection

If you send a crewmember to Pinthi the entire crew has been infected. You will not receive crewmembers until the disease is cured.

  1. Go to the Star Control starbase to learn that your ship is infected.
  2. Go to the Tywom homeworld and ask for help.
  3. Obtain superfluids.
  4. Go back to the Tywom homeworld after gathering the superfluids to apply the cure.
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Stop the Greegrox from attacking the Pinthi

The Greegrox have been attacking the Pinthi because the former believe the later are behind an attack on the Ancient One.

  1. After receiving the quest from the Pinthi go and speak with the Greegrox homeworld.
  2. Go to the Alpha Gladius A system and explore the fifth planet. There are a lot of crashed ships on it. Look for the one that looks like a Pinthi ship.
  3. Go to Star Control so they can analyze the data from the ship.
  4. Head to the Kappa Fang system and search the planet Kappa Fang I.
  5. Go to the Greegrox and report what you found.
  6. Inform the Pinthi that the Greegrox will no longer attack them. You will receive 7000 RU.

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