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Star Control: Origins – Star Control Quests

Star Control Quests

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Ceres training facility

In case your ship piloting skills are a little rusty you can go and get a refresher course at the Ceres facility.

  1. Go to the Ceres facility and talk with Captain Emery about the trials. Complete them to test your skills and earn rewards:
    • Complete combat trial to get Advanced Nuke weapon module
    • Complete the third trial to get Point Defense weapon module

Expand Earth’s influence

After forming some alliances you get the mission to obtain some hyperdrives so humanity can expand.

  1. Discover potential colony sites.
    • Epsilon Trireme I;
    • P3X-411, in Sirius A;
    • Ebru, in Ross 154.
  2. Bring a hyperdrive to Star Control. Acceptable hyperdrives are:
    • Enforcer Drive, obtained at the end of the quest Stop the Drenkend.
    • Possibly Stolen Hyperdrive, bought from the Menkmack.
    • Overdrive, obtained from the Trandals after an alliance
  3. 100 units of Francium is also required. Good sources of Francium are:
    • Plutonic planets in general.
    • Maven, in Castor A, has 140 units.
    • Lisro, in Serpentis, has 127 units.
    • Pilos, in Alpha Garanulus, has 101 units.
  4. After making one delivery Terran Cruisers are available for purchase.
  5. After some time the planets will be colonized and Earth’s influence will expand.

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