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Star Control: Origins – The Measured Quests

The Measured Quests

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Learn how to communicate with the Measured

Please fill the correct forms to start this quest, signed in triplicate.

  1. Talk to The Measured homeworld and at least one their ships to start this quest.
  2. Go and check with other ward species of the Scryve Empire, like Tywom or Mu’Kay.
  3. Now you have the forms to communicate with The Measured.

Find lost records belonging to The Measured

  1. Visit the following planets to recover records for The Measured.
    • Theta Quadrum I
    • Delta Jutinum B I
    • Epsilon Jutnium B IIIa
    • Eta Aspis B II
  2. Return them to the homeworld of the Measured. You will receive 10000 RU for the first three and 20000 RU for the last one. And the Measured ships won’t attack you anymore.

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