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Star Survivor How to Build Winning Boss Deck

This is my personal guide that I used to beat challenges. Anyone can build a deck, but let me show you how I built mine.

How To Build My Winning Boss Deck

Spoiler Alert.

Choose The Ship For Your Challenge

The SS Falcon has a Repulsor Blast that is activated whenever you collect EXP Nodes.

The Repulsor Blast works just like an Ion Repulsor except it will proc (fire) when you collect the green exp nodes.

Create a New Deck

Your new deck will only have what you need… (liberty, liberty…)

Check Mark The Following:

  • Equipment Tab: Atom Beam (4), Recharging Shield (2)
  • General Tab: Pickup Radius (4), Extra Firepoint (4), Machine Learning (4)
  • Beams Tab: Atom Beam(4), Atom Beam (+ beam duration) (4)
  • Ion Tab: + weapon radius (4), +weapon attack speed (4), +damage to Shockwave (4)

Total Cards: 38


  • You should trim any card amount to fit your need. This deck is fairly lean and will complete itself with normal exp nodes, 3-4 Refinery Stations, and additional asteroid card drops.
  • The start is slow -grab Atom Beam and build pickup radius (keep pickup radius wider than attack radius)
  • This build is not shield dependent. I would not slot more than two Recharging Shield Cards.
  • The build uses the SS FALCON for a reason. The ION REPULSOR does not work the same as the Repulsor Blast.
Written by BREEZ

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