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Star Wars Episode Racer: Pit Droid, Parts Guide and Junkyard Strategy

This guide will explain four important aspects of the game:

1. How the pit droids work.
2. Pod racer stats and what they do.
3. When parts unlock in Watto’s shop and how much they cost.
4. How you can maximize the Junkyard and even earn money (trungets) from it.

If you are wanting to learn more about parts, Pit Droids, Watto’s shop and the Junkyard, this guide is for you.

This guide will cover how the Pit Droids work, a strategy to maximize the Junkyard and a guide to the various parts you can buy in Watto’s shop, and their prices.

Hopefully by following this guide, you can learn how to best upgrade your racer in the most efficient way possible.

How Pit Droids Work

The Pit Droids maintain your pod racer.

After a race is over, parts on your pod racer will randomly become damaged, and damaged parts will reduce your stats. Because of this, it is possible to have worse stats than with a lower level part.

You, the player, can only have four Pit Droids maximum, and each droid can only maintain one part on the racer. This means that each droid you own will prevent one part from being damaged. Droids will also repair damaged parts after a race if they have no damage to prevent.

A few things to think about:
The least expensive parts will never get damaged.
Parts can only be damaged when finishing a race for the first time.

My suggestion:
Pick four stat categories that you believe are most important to winning. Only buy parts for these four categories and max out the stats in these categories with stronger parts as you finish more races. Your droids will maintain these parts for you and keep your pod racer running at peak efficiency!

Stats Guide

These are the main stats in the game. You will be buying parts for these stats in Watto’s shop and the Junkyard.

Traction (TRA):
A pod racer’s traction determines how close it hugs the ground. As your speed increases, you will want to also increase traction for better handling.

Turning (TUR):
Upgrade this stat to increase the pod racer’s turn response. The better the part, the more “touchy” the steering of the pod racer will be.

Accel (ACC):
How fast your pod racer accelerates off the starting block.

Top Speed (TOP):
The maximum speed you can go. You will top 900 MPH easily with max upgrades when boosting.

Air Brake (AIR):
How quickly you can slow down to go around sharp turns without crashing.

Cooling (COO):
As you boost, your engines will overheat. Upgrading cooling will allow your engines to recover faster after boosting at top speeds and will allow you to boost again in a shorter amount of time.

Repair (REP):
You will take damage when crashing into walls. These modules will repair your pod racer faster and will not slow your speed as much when repairing.

Parts Guide – Watto’s Prices

Watto’s shop offers parts for each stat in perfect condition. These parts are also full price and availability depends on completed races.

The price that you pay for a part is not the actual price of the part. Instead, the game subtracts the value of your current part from the price.

Here is an example:
Current Part: Dual 20PCX Injector (value: 800)
New Part: 44 PCX Injector (value: 2,200)
2,200 – 800 = 1400

If you have 1,400 trungets, you can buy it.

Here are Watto’s prices:

R-20 Repulsorgrip – 250
R-60 Repulsorgrip – 400
R-80 Repulsorgrip – 600
R-100 Repulsorgrip – 1,200
R-300 Repulsorgrip – 2,600
R-600 Repulsorgrip – 6,000

Control Linkage – 200
Control Shift Plate – 400
Control Vectro Jet – 700
Control Coupling – 1,600
Control Nozzle – 3,800
Control Stabilizer – 7,500

Dual 20PCX Injector – 800
44 PCX Injector – 2,200
Dual 32PCX Injector – 5,600
Quad 32PCX Injector – 7,000
Quad 44PCX Injector – 10,400
Mag-6 Injector – 14,000

Top Speed:
Plug2 Thrust Coil – 1,000
Plug3 Thrust Coil – 2,400
Plug5 Thrust Coil – 6,000
Plug8 Thrust Coil – 14,000
Block5 Thrust Coil – 17,500
Block6 Thrust Coil – 20,000

Air Brake:
Mark II Air Brake – 700
Mark III Air Brake – 1,400
Mark IV Air Brake – 3,600
Mark V Air Brake – 7,000
Tri-jet Air Brake – 10,400
Quadrijet Air Brake – 14,000

Coolant Radiator – 50
Stack-3 Radiator – 100
Stack-6 Radiator – 300
Rod Coolant Pump – 900
Dual Coolant Pump – 2,700
Turbo Coolant Pump – 5,400

Single Power Cell – 150
Dual Power Cell – 300
Quad Power Cell – 800
Cluster Power Plug – 1,400
Rotary Power Plug – 4,000
Cluster2 Power Plug – 7,000

Parts Guide – When Parts Unlock

Parts with certain stats will unlock as you complete races.
(See “Stats Guide” above for abbreviations.)

Here is the breakdown:
ZERO races complete: All level 2 parts
TWO races complete: Level 3 parts for TRA, TUR, TOP, REP
FOUR races complete: Level 3 parts for ACC, AIR and Level 4 parts for REP
SIX races complete: Level 3 parts for COO and Level 4 parts for TRA, TUR, AIR
EIGHT races complete: Level 4 parts for ACC, TOP, COO and Level 5 parts for REP
TEN races complete: Level 5 parts for TRA, ACC, AIR, COO
TWELVE races complete: Level 5 parts for TUR, TOP and Level 6 parts for ACC, REP
FOURTEEN races complete: Level 6 parts for TRA, AIR, COO
SIXTEEN races complete: Level 6 parts for TUR, TOP

Races on the Invitational Circuit don’t count towards this number.

How To Maximize The Junkyard

The Junkyard is a really interesting place. It will offer one part for each stat and the parts themselves and their damage condition are completely random. It may seem like a lottery at first, but once you play around with the Junkyard you can get some pretty neat results.

You can get ANY part from the Junkyard, even if you haven’t unlocked it in Watto’s shop yet. If you get lucky, you can get a Level 6 part for less than a new Level 4 part!

Besides getting new parts, you can also sell parts this way and get more money (trungets).

A few things to remember:
The parts will never be in a perfect or very bad condition and if you go to the SELECT RACER screen, it will reset the Junkyard inventory.

Here is the strategy:
Win a few races and don’t upgrade anything yet. Instead buy some Pit Droids.
Go to the Junkyard and try to find one of the best parts in bad condition. If you don’t find a part you want, reset the inventory by going to the SELECT RACER screen. There will be different parts when you return to the Junkyard. Do this until you get the part you are looking for and buy it.
Race with this part so the Pit Droids will repair it.
After the race, the part will now be in perfect condition and the value will be higher than when you got it from the Junkyard. Sell to Watto.
Repeat to earn trungets and to afford the parts you are actually trying to buy.

Written by SaltyOctopus

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