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Starbound: How to Become a Jet Plane

With this method you can fly incredibly fast. You will be able to circle around a planet in 40-60 seconds and pierce the heavens! Your PC will probably struggle to load in the chunks quick enough.

How to Become a Jet Plane

A drill spear – You can find this item in space encounters and space stations. It is quite rare so if you prefer skipping the grind you can spawn it with the command “/spawnitem drillspear.” If you’ve ever used this weapon you know how fun it is to fly around in zero-g environments but its pull is not strong enough to lift the player in a planet’s gravity. But we’re going to fix that with…

A gravity augment – This item is also a rare find, but it can spawn in any loot chest on most planets. Higher level planets have better loot so look for it there. If again you don’t want to do that a glass of alien fruit juice will do just fine. However it runs out quickly.
Put the augment on your EPP. Make sure it’s the highest level (cooling) or else you will lose the augment when you upgrade it.

At this point you can fly around but you notice you’re not very fast. Only a bit faster than your normal running speed and still not as fast as sprinting. You can still use this setup to get over obstacles and climb tall mountains quickly, but that’s about it. The game puts some sort of limit on your movement speed for some reason. We can get around that with some run boost. There are augments that give you this buff, but we’re already using a gravity augment so that’s not an option. You could hire a green chemist who will give you the same buff, but that only works inside your ship and runs out quickly after you leave. Green stim packs also work, but they’re incredibly expensive for the short boost they give. We’re left with only one option: food.

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Ape grapes – There are many foods that give you run boost. I found that ape grapes work best because they’re cheap to craft (only two items), the ingredients are easy to get (no replanting after you harvest), and also provide energy boost on top of the run boost, which lets you extend your air time. Two of these is more than enough to get around an entire planet. You can do it with one if you have a green chemist.

Other tips

If you enjoy staying alive, you might need a way to break your fall. It’s easy to die from fall damage when falling out of the sky, but the good news is there are several ways to prevent it. Pulse jump obviously, or multi jump. You might also want to equip air dash instead of the good ol’ sprint, because as opposed to multi jump, air dash doesn’t run out, it just has a cooldown, and thus it’s very effective at breaking your fall.

Energy will be crucial as it will determine how long you are able to stay in the air. I recommend equipping whichever armor set provides the most energy.

If you don’t want to constantly wear your gravity augment, you can make a second EPP and equip it with something more useful, like healing. Then you can keep it in your inventory and switch it out when you need to. You can also color-code your EPPs with some dye.

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Written by Wanderlust

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