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Starcom: Unknown Space Basic Trading Guide

A basic trading guide with a few example trading routes.

Starcom: Unknown Space Basic Trading Guide

SPOILER WARNING: This guide discuss races you may not have met, or you may not know that you can trade with.

This is a very basic trading guide with some example trading routes to get you started.
Prices are dynamic in Starcom: Unknown Space which means if you buy or sell a lot with a race the price will get worse.

Also, the game is in early access so all of this may change when the game is updated. I’ll try to keep the guide up to date when possible

How to read a trading screen

Trading in Starcom can be a bit daunting since different races use different things as their base currency.

In these example pictures, we look at the Ermyr, who use Copper (Cu) as their base currency.
If we want to buy something from them we need to pay Copper, or sell them something worth the same amount of Copper as the thing we want to buy.

Basic Trading Guide

Once you unlock some early research, you’ll be able to see how good buy/sell prices are with each race.

Basic Trading Guide

Prices for each Race


  • This spreadsheet shows prices I found when I first encountered a trader. Prices will change if you trade with them
  • These are only the races I met so far. If you want me to add a race I didn’t trade with let me know in the comments and maybe give me a picture of their prices

I didn’t include the Asteroid Traders because they have terrible buy and sell prices on everything.

Basic Trading Guide
Starcom: Unknown Space Basic Trading Guide

Example Trade Routes

Things to consider when picking a route:

  • How long is the route? Getting to the Island Traders means a long journey through the void
  • Can you reliably find the race you want to trade with? Or do they just show up randomly or when plot needs it
  • Obviously if the race is hostile you can’t trade with them

And before you buy or sell make sure it’s still profitable. If not, maybe go do some exploring and come back to the route when it’s recovered back to normal.

Basic Trading Guide
Written by mrziggy85

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