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Stardew Valley Blue Chicken Guide

In Stardew Valley one of the major farm animals players can get is chickens. These egg laying creatures come in a couple of different colors at the start (white and brown), but there is also a rare Blue Chicken players can acquire. To learn how to get the Stardew Valley Blue Chicken.

Stardew Valley Blue Chicken Guide

1. Build a Coop

Blue Chicken

Before you can start building your super mega Blue Chicken farm you need to ensure you have a place to keep your chickens. This means you need to build at least one chicken coop on your farm. To do this simply visit the Pelican Town carpenter, Robin, and choose Construct Farm Buildings. Build the coop by providing her the following:

  • 4,000g.
  • 200x Wood.
  • 100x Stone.

Once you’ve bought the coop from Robin it takes her two days to build it. With the coop built you can begin to house chickens on your farm. Before you can get Blue Chickens there is another step you need to complete.

2. Befriend Shane to 8 Hearts

Blue Chicken

The villager Shane in Stardew Valley is a rude, alcoholic who happens to really love chickens. Due to Shane’s relationship with chickens you need to befriend him. This means you want to give him any of the following loved items to build up your relationship with him:

Items Shane Loves
Pepper Popppers
Hot Peppers

Your aim here is to reach 8 hearts with Shane. Once this is completed and you’ve witnessed Shane’s 8 Heart Event you will unlock the chance to get Blue Chickens in your Coop. There are two methods to do this.

3. Hatch or Purchase Blue Chickens

Blue Chicken

Simply cancel your purchase from Marnie until you get a Blue Chicken.

Blue Chicken

Blue Chicken in Chick form.

To get Blue Chickens you can use a couple of different methods. These methods require luck to be on your side but they do work when done correctly. The two Blue Chicken acquisition methods are:

1. Hatch Chickens: Each egg you hatch in your Coop has a 25% chance to be blue. If you want to go this method simply hatch as many eggs as possible until you get a Blue Chicken to appear.

2. Buy Chickens from Marnie: The second method is to purchase Chickens from Marnie. Each time you go to buy a chicken you purchase a chicken you are prompted to choose a Coop for it. This message also tells you the color of chicken (Blue/Brown/White). Cancel your purchase until you get a Blue Chicken.

Both of these methods are the only ways to get Blue Chickens in the game currently. Keep in mind that there is no special benefit to having Blue Chickens (unlike the Golden Chickens) besides their visuals.

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