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Stardew Valley – Where and how to find Ancient Seeds!

Are you tired of growing and selling the same old crops, year after year, just to get enough cash for the vault bundle? Are you sick of grinding in the mines just to get an ancient seed, so you can actually get some money? Well, suffer no more! Because Today, I’ll be showing y’all where and how to find Ancient Seeds! And I won’t JUST do that, I’ll show y’all how to get the most out of this rare and profitable seed.


Today I’ll be showing y’all where and how to find the source of one of the most profitable crops in the game, Ancient Seeds! But, as you probably already know, I won’t JUST be doing that, I’ll show you how to squeeze the most cash you can get from the fruit of the Ancient Seed.

Step 1: Finding the Seed

Ok, we all should know that the famed Ancient Seed is pretty rare. After all, most artifacts and fairly rare, with a couple exceptions. (such as Chicken Statue, Rusty Spur, Etc) So, the twenty thousand dollar question is, where can we find the Ancient Seed? Well, the main place where you can get said seed is by digging up artifact spots in the Cindersap Forest, the Quarry (which is available after completing the Craft Room Bundles), or the Mines. This seed is also obtainable via Fishing Chests or by killing Grubs, Bugs (the white ones), Mutant Grubs and Bugs (the blue ones that just fly around).

Although, getting a seed from the bugs is pretty rare, so I’d stick to artifact spots and fishing. Once you have it, go donate it to the museum (unless you already have) and Gunther will reward you with Ancient Fruit Seeds (its actually Ancient Seeds, but I’ll refer to it as Ancient Fruit Seeds to avoid confusion) and the recipe for if you have another Ancient Seed. Also, there’s a small chance you can get some Ancient Fruit Seeds from a seed maker.

So if your having trouble, I suggest taking some crops and running them through some seed makers a couple times. Forage items (horseradish, winter root, etc) also have a chance of pulling an Ancient Fruit Seeds when put through a seed maker. Alternatively, Ancient Fruit Seeds can be bought (rarely) from the Travelling Merchant in the Cindersap Forest (the area to the left of that huge tree where Jas hangs out on Mondays) for 100-1,000G.

Step 2: Knowing the Roots

So, you have a pack of Ancient Fruit Seeds, what now? Well, if your in fall, and you don’t have a greenhouse, I hightly suggest you either work on the Pantry Bundles so you can get a Greenhouse, or wait until spring, since Ancient Fruit/Seeds can’t grow in Winter, like everything else. Either way, if your in fall, Don’t plant the seeds. They take 28 days in total to grow, and reproduce every week or so, so plan ahead. Once you get your fruit, pop it into a seed maker and save the seeds. Then you can replant next year, or plant them in a Greenhouse.

Step 3: Squeezing the profits

Alright. We’re in the home stretch, people. So you have a practically unlimited source of seeds and fruit. What now? Well, you aren’t just gonna sell them alone, are ya? Ancient Fruit by itself sells for 550g (687g for silver quality, 825g for gold) (with the Tiller profession (+%10 Sell Price), the sell prices are 605g, 756g and 907g). So, to maximize profit, lets turn it into some artisan goods.

How about we start with the Perserves Jar? Ancient Fruit Jelly sells for 1150g (1610g with the Artisan profession (+%40 Sell Price)). See the difference? Now, lets pull the kegs into this. Ancient Fruit Wine sells for 1650g (2062g silver quality, 2475g gold quality, 3300g iridium quality) (With the Artisan profession: 2310g, 2887g Silver, 3465g Gold, 4620g Iridium). Wow! Look at those profits! amazing, huh?

Help: Getting the Items Required

This item is amazing and profitable. This can be used to turn Hops into Pale Ale, Wheat into Beer, Coffee Beans into Coffee, Honey into Mead, any Fruit into Wine, and any Vegetable into Juice.
Components Required:
Farming LV 8
30 Wood
1 Copper Bar
1 Iron Bar
1 Oak Resin

Perserves Jar
The Perserves Jar isn’t bad, but it’s not as good as the Keg. It can only make Pickles out of Vegetables and Jelly out of Fruits.
Components Required
Farming LV 4
50 Wood
40 Stone
8 Coal

Seed Maker
Seed maker is awesome! It lets you take any crop, and make seeds out of it! It can produce anywhere from 1-3 seeds of the crop you put in. But, there’s a chance you could get Mixed Seeds, and a smaller chance you could get Ancient Fruit Seeds. Cool!
Components Required:
Farming LV 9
25 Wood
1 Gold Bar
10 Coal

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