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Starfield Dozens of Contraband Items + Free Ship

Do you want dozens of contraband items and free ship (Dagger)? Here is how…

Potential loot

I have found 34 contraband items worth over 50 000 credits and guaranteed ship Dagger that will land at the end of the event and you can take it over. Of course you can take all the guns and make even more money, most likely way over 100 000 credits.

Dozens of contraband items + free shipDozens of contraband items + free ship


Four systems away from the Alpha Centauri is system named Jaffa.

Dozens of contraband items + free ship

in this system you want to go to Jaffa IV.

Dozens of contraband items + free ship

and land in Vulture’s Roost.

Dozens of contraband items + free ship

most loot is in the bar building, there are living quarters and offices, all of them are locked and many of them have contraband items. Also check these neon dancing boxes (right above living quarters) and toilets, you can find there Aurora, I’ve found it 9 times.

Dozens of contraband items + free ship

Before entering living quarters, go to kitchen, it’s right next to bar, there is a safe if you lockpick, you can loot the room keys, so you might safe some digipicks.

Dozens of contraband items + free ship

Be geared, be ready

This zone is relatively high level dungeon, which means be ready for level between 40 to 70, I think elite boss at the end was level 96 for me and some non boss elites around 65, however enemies should be scaled to your character level, my level was 47. Here is the list of things I recommend taking, and some of them are even necessary to get all good loot.

  1. Enough ammo, some of mobs are elites, it will take a few bullets
  2. A few digipicks, majority of all good stuff is locked behind lockpicking, and I do recommend lockpick every single room in the outpost, including cabins in the upper floor of the bar or prison. Some juicy loot there.
  3. Enough space in your inventory, we’re talking here about upper dozens of enemies, which equals upper dozens of weapons that can be sold.
  4. Meds are handy, this planet have some extreme environment, including acid rain or some weird winds that made me sick. You may be lucky and land while nothing of this happens, but still be ready.
  5. You can find more tips and tricks in the comments of reddit post

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