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Starfield List of Ship Modules & Stats

This is a list of all the ship modules available in the game, including the level and ship design level required.

Starfield List of Ship Modules & Stats

This should serve as the list of modules you come to when you’re thinking of the best possible ship you could make for your own use. Hopefully it’ll include all of the necessary information.

It takes some time to gather all of the stats so bear with me as I complete the list with time.

Should I miss something, forget or maybe there’s some additional information you’d appreciate, then let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

If you’re interested in cosmetic modules or just want to know where to buy the modules from this list then I’d recommend checking out my other guide on ship module vendors and manufacturers.


Reactor – Class A

ModulePowerRepair r.HealthValueMassLevelSD Rank
Spheromak DC202 Reactor332.254548 70042464
164MM Toroidal Reactor2924039 20045514
Tokamak X-300 Reactor292.254540 60038382
Spheromak DC201 Reactor281.953836 90038382
Tokamak X-120S Reactor281.53034 50030124
154MM Toroidal Reactor261.753531 80035303
380T Stellarator Reactor262.094233 70040414
Tokamak X-250 Reactor261.953932 90039353
144MM Toroidal Reactor231.53024 40030222
370T Stellarator Reactor231.853726 30037252
Tokamak X-200 Reactor231.73425 50034191
134MM Toroidal Reactor201.352717 50027120
360T Stellarator Reactor201.632188032140
Tokamak X-150 Reactor201.53018 3003011
124MM Toroidal Reactor181.22412 7002460
350T Stellarator Reactor181.392813 70028110
Tokamak X-100 Reactor181.352713 4002790
114MM Toroidal Reactor161.12280502230
340T Stellarator Reactor161.252588502510
Tokamak X-050 Reactor161.252588502540
330T Stellarator Reactor141.142342502310

Reactor – Class B

ModulePowerRepair r.HealthValueMassLevelSD RankP Rank
104DS Mag Inertial Reactor393.547167 800716043
DC303 Fast Ignition Reactor353.456959 100695243
Z-Machine 4000 Reactor353.757560 700754943
103DS Mag Inertial Reactor313.096249 100624433
Ion Beam H-1030 Reactor313.456951 000694843
Z-Machine 3000 Reactor283.256543 800654133
DC302 Fast Ignition Reactor2736040 500603633
102DS Mag Inertial Reactor242.75432 800542513
Ion Beam H-1020 Reactor2436034 400602823
Z-Machine 2000 Reactor212.845727 500571903
DC301 Fast Ignition Reactor182.595220 100521603
101DS Mag Inertial Reactor162.294614 400461203
Ion Beam H-1010 Reactor162.595278 000521413
Z-Machine 2020 Reactor162.845717 400572443
Z-Machine 1000 Reactor142.454911 20049103

Reactor – Class C

ModulePowerRepair r.HealthValueMassLevelSD RankP Rank
Pinch 8Z Reactor406.4412985 2001296044
SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor405.811681 7001165744
Fusor DC403 Reactor385.7511577 4001154944
Theta Pinch D9 Reactor376.0912277 3001225144
Pinch 8A Reactor365.7512275 2001355244
Fusor DC402 Reactor345.0910265 8001023824
SF30 Sheared Flow Reactor345.1510366 1001033624
Pinch 7Z Reactor325.7511565 2001154334
Theta Pinch C9 Reactor305.4410959 6001093524
Fusor DC401 Reactor294.59052 500902004
Pinch 6Z Reactor275.910251 6001023014
SF20 Sheared Flow Reactor274.559148 700912714
Theta Pinch B9 Reactor244.89644 000962404
Pinch 5Z Reactor204.59034 200901903
SF10 Sheared Flow Reactor204.058131 900811704
Theta Pinch A9 Reactor184.258528 900851004

Engines – Class A

ModulePowerThrustMan. ThrustHealthValueMassLevelSD Rank
White Dwarf 3030 Engine321 9303 2109221 0004644
164MM Toroidal Reactor2924039 200455144
Tokamak X-300 Reactor292.254540 600383824
Spheromak DC201 Reactor281.953836 900383824
Tokamak X-120S Reactor281.53034 500301244
154MM Toroidal Reactor261.753531 800353034
380T Stellarator Reactor262.094233 700404144
Tokamak X-250 Reactor261.953932 900393534
144MM Toroidal Reactor231.53024 400302224
370T Stellarator Reactor231.853726 300372524
Tokamak X-200 Reactor231.73425 500341914
134MM Toroidal Reactor201.352717 500271204
360T Stellarator Reactor201.6321880321404
Tokamak X-150 Reactor201.53018 30030114
124MM Toroidal Reactor181.22412 70024604
350T Stellarator Reactor181.392813 700281104
Tokamak X-100 Reactor181.352713 40027904
114MM Toroidal Reactor161.122805022304
340T Stellarator Reactor161.2525885025104
Tokamak X-050 Reactor161.2525885025404
330T Stellarator Reactor141.1423425023104

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