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Starfield Outpost Guide to Greenhouse & Husbandry (Botany & Zoology)

Starfield Outpost Guide to Greenhouse & Husbandry (Botany & Zoology)


There are two types of Resources in the game:

Organic and Non-Organic.

  • Roughly said you get Organics by collecting plants and looting animals found on various planets.
  • However you can also grow and produce a lot of Organic Elements inside your Outposts using the Greenhouse and Husbandry.

3TA Important


  • You cannot build the Greenhouse or Husbandry before you have scanned a plant or animal to 100% and it has “Outpost production allowed” in the description.
  • You can only produce Organics from the Planet you are currently on (Same for the buildings, you may won’t be able to build neither the Greenhouse or the Husbandry).


Where to start?

Firstly you need to unlock the corresponding perks:

  • Botany for the Greenhouse (Plants or Flora)
  • Zoology for the Husbandry (Animals or Fauna)

But? I Got Thats?

I’ve unlocked the perks, but what now?

Now get to scanning some plants and wildlife!

  • Search for planets with Fauna or Flora (the more the better!)
  • Scan a plant or animal to at least ~80%. If it says “Outpost production allowed” scan it to 100% and continue.


Building the buildings

Now that you have fully scanned an Animal or Plant you can continue to your Outpost.

  • You can now build the Greenhouse or the Husbandry depending on what you scanned (Remember, only the ones which say “Outpost production allowed” can be produced).
  • By accessing the terminal of the Husbandry/Greenhouse you are also able to see what else you can produce, just keep scanning to unlock those (You may need to change the Biome to scan 100%).
  • Now you only need to meet the requirements seen in the Terminal (Mostly water for the Greenhouse and other Organics for the Husbandry) and start your Production.

So? What Now?

Tips & Notes:

  • You are able to collect the materials straight from the plant, just press your interact button (Leave the Scanner to see the prompt).
  • After unlocking Zoology there are some animals where you can directly harvest their materials without harming them.
  • On some planets you may have no Animals or Plants (Though I always had some plants) that are able to be produced in an outpost. Just go to another Planet and try your luck there.
  • And finally: I’m just as new to this game as anyone else right now, I’m just sharing the things I found out in the last few days of playing. if you have feedback feel free to message me .

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Written by Dr. Tiefbrett

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