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State of Mind Achievement Guide

State of Mind Achievement Guide

So, if you haven’t played this before, this is a very story-focused game. I would recommend playing through it blind at first and then doing a clean-up for missing achievements.

Bear in mind, there are missable achievements, and multiple choice based ones too. A minimum of two playthroughs is required.

You can skip dialogue with right mouse click, so a second playthrough shouldn’t be too bad.

I recommend you look at the Best Dad Ever! and Worst Dad Ever! achievements to start off, as multiple actions are required during the game in order to achieve them.

With all that said, let’s get this guide rolling. ^^ Achievements are presented in the order you should get them in. Don’t move on to the next achievement before you’re done with the current one.

Welcome home, Sir

Richard met Simon

Story achievement.

You’ll receive this upon waking up in your apartment and meeting Simon for the first time.


Richard played the spinet for more than 5 minutes.

You need to play the spinet in the living room for more than 5 minutes. I’m not sure if just idling it counts towards it, but I’d continuously press the buttons for the time required.

You get the achievement after leaving the spinet, so make sure more than 5 minutes have passed before exiting.


Adam played his piano for more than 5 minutes.

This is the exact same as Richard’s spinet achievement. Same rules apply to this one.

The apartment layout is the same, so the piano is in the same place as the spinet.

Variety is Good / Supreme Chef

Adam refused to serve John his favorite meal. / Adam served John his favorite meal.

Now let’s talk a bit about the Best Dad Ever! and Worst Dad Ever! achievements. These two achievements will be the starting points for the Dad achievements. Check below to see exactly what you have to do for the Dad achievements as other actions are required as well during the course of the game.

For the “Supreme Chef” you just have to serve John cornflakes and hot cocoa, when he asks for food.

For the “Variety is Good” achievement, just serve John anything but cornflakes and hot cocoa.

*Best/Worst Dad Ever! note – Before leaving you’re prompted to find Henry’s remote. Best Dad Ever! requires you to find the remote. Worst Dad Ever! requires you to tell John to hurry and leave.*

Enjoy This Sunny Day

Adam brought John to the hospital.

Story achievement.

You’ll get this once you check John in the hospital.

*Best/Worst Dad Ever! note – Best Dad Ever! requires you to take the right hand alley before going to the clinic. Take a small walk through the park, control Henry by talking to John, and feed the fishes. Worst Dad Ever! requires you to go straight to the clinic, no detours.*

Conformist / News Bomb

Richard wrote an article that pleased his boss. / Richard wrote an article that pleased the Breakpoint fraction.

Playing with Richard again, you’ll be able to interact with your Cloudhub in order to write an article for your work.

For the “Conformist” achievement, you have to choose the Serious option for all segments.

For the “News Bomb” achievement, you have to drink the whiskey twice and then choose the Agressive option for all segments.

Depressive Weekend

You finished the first chapter.

Story achievement. Keep playing and you’ll recieve it.

*Worst Dad Ever! note – Once you’re back at the plaza, go to the entrance to the Present and talk to the woman there. Afterwards, release 3 LightBalls.*

Sigmund Would Be Proud

Adam woke up from his dream.

Story achievement.

Finish the pretty linear dream sequence with Adam and you’ll get this when you wake up.

The System Strikes Back

Richard survived the Doomsday raid.

Story achievement.

After you talk with Kosowsky and Phil in the club, a cutscene will play out. After that’s done, you’ll get the achievement soon enough.

Face to Face

Richard and Adam made contact.

Story achievement.

After Richard uses the Cloudhub to call Adam, you’ll get the achievement.

The Nanny

Adam was introduced to Sally.

Story achievement.

After returning home from work, you’ll meet the babysitter and get this achievement in the process.

*Best/Worst Dad Ever! note – Before using your Cloudhub to get back to working on the data fragment, John will say that he’s hungry. Best Dad Ever! requires you to feed him. Talk to John to find out what he wants to eat. Worst Dad Ever! requires you to just start working on the data fragment straight away.*

Robot Family

Adam allowed Sally to call him Adam.

While putting John to sleep, make sure to talk to Sally and you’ll be able to tell her to call you Adam. You’ll get this achievement doing so.

Knows No Lullaby / Sleep Tight, Son

Adam didn’t manage to make John tired. / Adam managed to make John tired.

Again, another two achievements tied to the Dad achievements.

For “Knows No Lullaby” : When putting John to sleep, make sure you select the “Sleep” option straight away.

For “Sleep Tight, Son” : When putting John to sleep, make sure you select the “We’ll fix that” option. Talk to Sally to find out what helps John sleep and then use the Smartloft controls to select the Underwater theme under Ambient and the Fishes hologram. Talk to John again, tell him Sally can stay and then choose to promise him on both his requests.

Best Dad Ever! / Worst Dad Ever!

Adam did everything John likes. / Adam did nothing John likes.]

You should get either of these two achievements shortly after putting John to sleep, but there’s plenty of actions need to be done before this point in order to get either of these two achievements.

For “Best Dad Ever!” you need to do the following:
– Prepare the right breakfast for John (Cornflakes + Hot Chocolate)
– Before leaving the house for the clinic, look for Henry’s remote control
– Before going to the clinic, go to the right path, play with Henry and feed the fishes in the park
– After the clinic, go straight to your house
– After Adam’s work, talk to John and prepare him his dinner
– When John is in bed, talk to Sally and then interact with the Smartloft and choose Underwater and Fishes
– Talk to John and ask him to sleep, select “Promise” twice

For “Worst Dad Ever!” you need to do the following:
– When preparing John’s breakfast, choose anything but Cornflakes and Hot Chocolate
– Don’t look for Henry’s remote control, go straight to the door and tell John to hurry
– Go straight to the clinic, don’t go to the park
– After the clinic, talk to a woman in the back of the plaza before going back home, and release 3 LightBalls
– When back home, go straight to bed after talking to your wife
– After speaking with Richard, John will ask who it was, select “Lawyer” and tell John to get out of the room
– Don’t prepare dinner for John
– When John is in bed, tell him to sleep straight away

This is Insane

Lydia found a new home.

Story achievement.

After finishing the third data fragment with Lydia, you’ll get this achievement.

Stay… Just Stay…

Adam spent more than 25 Minutes in Liquid Sky.

Pretty self explanatory. After meeting Amy in Liquid Sky, just spend 25 minutes there. Feel free to talk to the characters there and interact with what you want, but do not interact with the balloon at the top of the ramp.

Let My People Go / Egocentric Android

Simon saved more than half of his fellow robots. / Simon saved less than half of his fellow robots.

While exploring the fourth data fragment, you’ll be playing as Simon. After escaping, you’ll take the elevator up. After the cutscene interact with the console and you’ll gain control of the production lasers in order to destroy the drones so that your fellow robots can escape.

For “Let My People Go” : You must destroy all the drones so that you can save as many robots as you can. It’s easier than it sounds.

For “Egocentric Android” : You can just idle this part and let the drones kill all the robots.

Sea Anemone

Adam made his decision to stay.

When talking with Amy at the Dome, make sure to accept her final proposal.

All Ties Cut

You finished the 4th chapter.

Story achievement.

You’ll get this once you gain control of Lydia again.

Science Rules

You mixed a potion on the first try.

As soon as you’re in control of Lydia, interact with the chemicals on the left and choose the following options:
– Gamma farmide
– Potassium hydroxyde
– trizepam

A New Mankind

Richard listened to Kurtz’ speech.

Story achievement.

You’ll get this after escaping with Richard and.. well, listening to Kurtz’ speech.


Richard and Lydia went underground.

Story achievement.

Achieved once you make your way into the sewers.

No Place Like Home

Richard convinced John to come home.

Story achievement.

Awarded after using the hover car to escape from the apartment.

Wizard of Oz

John reached the big hall inside the Dome.

Story achievement.

Awarded upon using the elevator in the middle of the Dome.

Family Reunion / Patchwork

Richard got James and Tracy back. / Richard got his family back. Sort of.

The first of the two final decisions.

For “Family Reunion”: choose to download Sally into Tracy.

For “Patchwork”: choose to download Lydia into Tracy.

You’ll get these achievements once the credits roll.

Not Real Anyway / Behind Children’s Eyes

City5 got destroyed. / City5 was downloaded into James.

The second of the two final decisions.

For “Not Real Anyway”: choose to abandon City5.

For “Behind Children’s Eyes”: choose to download City5 into James.

You’ll get these achievements once the credits roll.

Roll credits

Congratulations. You finished the game.

Story achievement.

Pretty self explanatory. ^^

Congrats, you’ve finished the game. Now on to the second playthrough.

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