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Stationeers – Multiplayer Guide

A simple and short guide on how to quickly setup your game to have your friends join you!


Hi folks, this is just a quick and simple guide on how to setup your game to have your friends join you!

You are halfway done, just few simple steps between game setting and portforwarding and you’re gonne be good to go!

Game settings

First, you have to open Stationeers, go to settings (at the bottom of your screen) and into Multiplayer, once here you can set:

  • Server name (the name that other player will see): Choose a unique name and simple to find
  • Advertise Server (show your game to other players): Yoy want to check this to have other find you
  • Password: I’d recommend setting a simple one or just leave it blank to let anyone else join
  • Max Players: Max players at you party, pretty obvious

Once you have checked those you are half-way to your goal, you can ask your friends to join you (throught steam friends > Join game or throught Join World option in Stationeers Main menu).

If thay still have connection issue, step to part 2 to set portforwarding up.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is easier than it looks but unfortunately there is not a unique way to do it because it depends from your router, check this page to find help about yours: https://portforward.com/router.htm

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You have to enter your router settings by typing on the address bar of your web browser (where you usually type the www.google.com)

Inside your router (some may be password protected) look for port forwarding tab and add a new rule, you want to be sure to add the ports 27015 e 27016 both TCP/UDP.

When adding a new rule (or exception) you have to give the port (27015 and 27016), a name to label it (I recommend Stationeers or Steam) and the port type, in our case you want to open both TCP and UDP for each port.

Some router also need the Lan IP address of your PC on your network, you can easly find it out by checking the status of your internet connection, than property and look for IP 192.168.1.x (each pc on your house network will have a different last X number).

Once it’s all done and you succesfully added the 4 rules, just save and exit.

Now go back to Stationeer, load you game and let your friends jump in! Enjoy!

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  1. Hello on my router it tells me that the end port must have the same values ​​as the start port. And also tell me that its values ​​must be greater than 32768 suddenly I do not know what to do. Other question in the recipient IP and the source IP I put my IP? Another question for the different port I do not know where to put the values. Like I put 27015 and 27016 where? Little info
    I have three ports : end, start and destination. Sorry for so many questions this is the first time I have to do this.


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