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Stationeers – Surviving Titan

These are my findings so far on surviving my own mod world of Titan.

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Titan is a custom world I made that I figure would be a really interesting and difficult place to be. A lot of naive would-be cosmological sojourners believe it would be moderate or even a fairly easy place to live, since at least it has a thick atmosphere made almost entirely of Nitrogen, what most of the Earth’s air is, since it’s quite safe for us, chemically speaking. They would be dead wrong.

The reason why is that the air is so incredibly cold. The fact that there is a nice atmosphere here will shield you from radiation and look really cool from space or on the strange, alien world, but it will also suck all the heat right out of you and kill you faster than the biggest blizzard on Earth.

So, what could anyone do to live in this place?

The First Day

Don’t waste any time! Hopefully this isn’t your first level (I think that qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment to be honest). If it is, I recommend trying Mars instead. It’s much easier. If you think you’re ready though, try starting out like this:

Open up your crates, and grab all your batteries and throw them in your spacepack. When things settle down, I usually carry both large batteries and at least two extra small ones in the pack (so in a day or two after you’ve been recharging).

Go mining! You are mainly looking for coal, but some basic resources won’t hurt either. You really are going to need lots of coal, so you might as well have a healthy stockpile so at least you won’t have to worry as much about it day to day.

Come back to your starting area before nightfall, if possible. You will probably be low on power if you wait until night anyway, and you’re not even set up to recharge yet!

Set up your 3×3 starting platform with your frames and weld each of them once. Grab the solid generator and at least one of your APCs, and get those batteries charged! There’s plenty of extra small batteries you start with. I recommend cannibalizing the power out of those and dropping the ones you don’t need in a pile near your supplies for now. All the power will drain in the cold anyway.

Overall, this isn’t too different from normal play, except you need to be more paranoid about power-quite a bit more, honestly.

The Main Event

The trick to surviving on this world is a power-efficient setup, which I have often played with on different worlds, as I have been doing solo survival thus far in the game. The main thing we need to do on Titan is come up with vacuum sealed frames to seal all our hab areas and any other structures with atmospheres. I recommend building new versions of your structures out completely (probably nearby) before tearing your old ones down, just to have redundancy and avoid unnecessary risks.

The first thing I always build is a little hab to grow food–it’s just a bit more involved on Titan. The idea is that you will have a 3x3x2 interior area that will have atmosphere in it when you’re done. To get this seal method, you need to go outside of that hypothetical volume on each wall, floor, and ceiling (excepting corners) and put in frames. Then you will need to put walls outside of all of those frames and seal them in all directions, including digging into the ground a bit and walling into the “dirt.”

When you’re done, touch it up with the hand drill again so no “dirt” is visible through your walls or any stray bits hanging out inside the structure. You don’t want any atmosphere from the world glitching in and ruining your nice vacuum seal after all this work. The only other thing I have to add is leave one space open for the airlock.

I recommend going the extra mile and walling wherever you can near the airlock so you can properly seal it too. All these seals will create excellent insulation when we’re done, in case you missed that.

Achieving the Seal

I recommend making your airlock a custom T-shape in a single block that links your hab to your platform when completed. I also recommend just walling the side to go to the platform for now (it is still outdoors, but can be converted into a nice industrial area that doesn’t mess with your hab plants later).

So you still have one extremely low-power grid outside. I recommend just running power off of it for now to any outdoor things you need (I put a volume pump on my outdoor forge) and run it to the airlock, too. Be careful not to turn on a whole bunch of things at once though. This is only a low-voltage network until you upgrade it, after all.

I say go for two active vents in the airlock for simplicity. Have them both set to pull inward, put one pipe on each one going out and up on the outer wall. Have one of those point outside to the great outdoors (freezing out, isn’t it?) and the other indoors. We’re going to use the airlock with the inner door left open to drain all the air in the hab so it’s a full vacuum.

To do this properly, make sure you have plenty of sheets in your inventory if you’ve placed all frames. If anything is unfinished in that regard, make sure you finish it at this point. You want all outer frames unwelded at this time.

I recommend having plenty of power in your system, possibly even throwing a fair amount of coal in the generator and switching it on, and heading inside. It will take a little time. Your batteries are charged, right?

Head into your airlock and evacuate all the air until the external pressure is 0kpa, then you can at least switch off your vent (that power hog!) then weld up your outer frames and seal all of them. Ensure you have every single block done up, including under the airlock itself.

You just really couldn’t have enough power when you had to do everything in the cold outside. I know I sure didn’t like it!

Careful of All That Atmosphere!

I’ll bet you just wanted to open the door right up and casually head back outside, didn’t you? Well, you can get away with that, as long as you are braced on the back wall, because you are in for a SERIOUS gust of wind if you do that. You could damage your suit, and that is really something you don’t want on this world!

You should probably reverse the vent and let some air in first at least to make it a little less violent, but go for it if you’re an absolute madman. Then you can head outside and start printing up stuff to get your hab nice and habitable!

I recommend figuring out a breathable atmosphere and plants. You’re probably going to starve soon if you don’t, honestly. And see if you can print at least one large battery and put it in the hab, too. Try to store power in your reasonably warm areas, since as you well know by now, that insane cold really saps battery power. You can kind of cut down on it by carrying batteries in your insulated pack, but it’s still pretty rude overall.

Congratulations! You have something resembling a small sealed hab. Making it two blocks high inside actually gives you a lot of room to do things with it, so you should get a lot of value out of it as an inital investment.

The airlock is designed to be a T with 3 doors and manual vents. You may have to pull the doors off the composite door setup that’s safest here (high air pressure and all) in order to bring in your portable air filter. I have no idea what you would do with the portable A/C unit, but do whatever you want with it, I guess. Also, congratulations on not dying on Titan! That actually isn’t too shabby.

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Written by Lachdenan

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