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Steam Prison Walkthrough Guide for All Endings and CGs

This guide was made to show step-by-step how to reach all of the game’s endings.

Steam Prison Walkthrough Guide for All Endings and CGs

This is my tribute to my fellow completionists, created through trial and error.
Hence, even the finished parts is probably far from optimized – feel free to comment about anything I missed or which could be done quicker another way. Welp, I hope this will be useful to you regardless!

A quick clarification with regards to the style in which I wrote this:

  • Text

is the way I depict choices
(+Name) means that a choice raises the affection of the character of that name
(-Name) means that the affection is lowered
(->”Text” Ending) shows that a choice leads to an ending, although sometimes it takes a little time to do so
SAVE X here is supposed to help avoid having to restart the game later on if you want all endings
If a choice isn’t mentioned or has nothing written behind it, it has no influence on affection or endings

I would also generally recommend that you SAVE at the start of each new section, since I don’t know the precise cut-off points for some endings yet and will sometimes recommend that you restart one such section. I might mention it in that part of the guide again if I’m sure it’s essential.

Let’s get started, then!

Common Route

The first few choices of the game will only influence dialogue, not the story or relationships. Since poor Fin isn’t a proper Love Interest, haha. So just pick what you want here.

Unless you’ve unlocked Yune’s Route ot the Grand Ending Route(see section below) the first relevant choice will be:

  • What a terrible man (-Eltcreed)
  • How curious (+Eltcreed)
  • He didn’t look like that to me
  • Thank you (+Ulrik)
  • That’s a bit suspicious
  • I can’t take that (-Ulrik)
  • Ask for details (->Bodyguard Route: Eltcreed & Ulrik)
  • Turn down after all (->Prisoner Route: Ines & Adage)

About Yune’s Route:
Yune’s route is only unlocked after finishing Ulrik’s “Ferrie” Ending.
(Thanks to promethium for that info!)
Look at Ulrik’s section of the guide to see how to get it.
As soon as this route is unlocked, the first important choice on the Common Route will be:

  • Resist being sent down (->Servant Route: Yune)
  • Accept being sent down (->Other Routes)

About the Grand Ending Route:
After finishing all of the other Endings, a new choice opens up before Yune’s:

  • Leave room with sword (->Grand Ending Route)
  • Leave room (->Other Routes)

Bodyguard Route

Congrats, Cyrus got a job in return for wearing an outfit she’s not comfortable with. -.-
But I guess it’s better than starving and she gets a sword, at least.

Choice by choice guide:

  • It’s more than I expected
  • You tricked me (-Ulrik)
  • I’m fine (+Ulrik)
  • Pretend to not remember
  • Say I remember (+Eltcreed)
  • Don’t respond (-Eltcreed)
  • I am not property
  • Very well (+Eltcreed)
  • I’m uneasy (+Ulrik)
  • Thank you (+Ulrik)
  • You did a lot for me
  • Change your attitude (-Ulrik)
  • Of course (+Eltcreed)
  • It’s too much for me (-Eltcreed)
  • I’ll need to work hard
  • I hesitate
  • I’m happy (+Eltcreed)
  • I want pants (-Eltcreed)
  • Was it right to let him go? (+Eltcreed)
  • Don’t stop at a finger (-Eltcreed)
  • Nicely done
  • Thank you (+Eltcreed)
  • I’m not one for flowers…
  • Thank you, but no (-Eltcreed)
  • I’ll bring some water (-Eltcreed)
  • Of course not (+Eltcreed)
  • I don’t want to say
  • I want to know more about him (->Eltcreed’s Route)
  • He’s just my boss (->Ulrik’s Route)

Bodyguard Route: Eltcreed

Eltcreed is a… flirtatious, eccentric businessman with an interest in everything from the Heights. He likes it, when Cyrus goes along with his… whims and otherwise behaves like the fairytale knight he imagines her to be.

Choice by choice guide:

SAVE 1 here

  • Say his name (+Eltcreed)
  • I can’t move (-Eltcreed)
  • Struggle
  • This is my job (+Eltcreed)
  • Are you meeting a woman? (-Eltcreed)
  • Are you absolutely sure?[/[list]
  • Got it (+Eltcreed)
  • That might be even more difficult
  • I’m your bodyguard (-Eltcreed)
  • I did (+Eltcreed)
  • I though you were weird
  • As someone I protect (-Eltcreed)
  • I don’t like the feeling
  • I’m going back (-Eltcreed)
  • I can accept it (+Eltcreed)
  • I’m his girlfriend (+Eltcreed)
  • I’m his bodyguard
  • We hardly know each other (-Eltcreed)

SAVE 2 here

  • I want to go with you (-Eltcreed)
  • Got it (+Eltcreed)
  • The HOUNDS are dangerous
  • I can’t believe it
  • I want to rescue him (+Eltcreed)
  • Poor man… (-Eltcreed)
  • Thank you very much
  • Please, I don’t want to be a burden (-Eltcreed)
  • I want to eat something nice (+Eltcreed)
  • That’s unlike you
  • Don’t rush it (+Eltcreed)
  • You can’t change the past (-Eltcreed)

SAVE 3 here

  • Find Fin yourself (-> “The Place I Must Return To” Ending, found under “Other”)
  • Ask Ulrik (-> Route continues)
  • I will leave
  • Walk a little with Ulrik (+Eltcreed)
  • What were you talking about? (-Eltcreed)

If you picked all of the (+) options, his affection should be maxed out now
-> “My Queen” Ending

Load Save 2 and pick all of the (-) options
-> Route continues

  • I look forward to that
  • I’m afraid (-Eltcreed)
  • I know how to do it (+Eltcreed)

SAVE 4 here

  • Strangle him
  • Kill him with sword
  • I can’t kill you (-> “Sweet Recompense” Ending)
  • We will be together until the end
  • I will be you knight and protect you (+Eltcreed)
  • We should escape (-Eltcreed)

-> “The Lasting Future” Ending

For the next Ending, I restarted the Bodyguard Route and picked all of the neutral options, except for one or two (+) ones (Your affection should be just a tiny bit above 0 when at the lift)
-> “Flying In The Far Sky” Ending

I had a lot of trouble finding this Ending, credit to Rumiel for giving me the vital tips.^^
Load Save 1 and pick ALL of the (-) options
-> “Goodbye, My Knight” Ending (This is counted as Ulrik’s Ending)

Bodyguard Route: Ulrik

Ulrik is an argumentative, somewhat insecure Tsundere. And also a spy. His route might be my favourite outside of the Grand Ending Route, since it upholds the themes of the story fairly well, even in the Happy Ending. And because two inexperienced teenagers stumbling through romance is just adorable, haha. Ulrik mostly likes it when Cyrus shows herself to be tough and street-smart in front of him, while still being grateful for his help.

Choice by choice guide:

  • You’re more of a child than I am (-Ulrik)
  • We’re the same age
  • A job is a job (+Ulrik)
  • Poor man (-Ulrik)
  • Is someone going to help?
  • Life is harsh (+Ulrik)

SAVE 1 here

  • I want to help anyway (-Ulrik)
  • So you want me to watch him die? (+Ulrik)
  • They’re horrible people
  • We aren’t (+Ulrik)
  • Stop joking
  • I hate him (-Ulrik)
  • I expect nothing less (+Ulrik)
  • Please be nice to me…
  • I don’t think I can do that (-Ulrik)
  • Does that also make him attractive? (+Ulrik)
  • How rude (-Ulrik)
  • Don’t you think there’s nothing to hide?
  • It damn well should’ve (-Ulrik)
  • Thank you for saving me (+Ulrik)
  • That was scary
  • Good morning (+Ulrik)
  • How are you?
  • What are you doing here? (-Ulrik)

SAVE 2 here

  • Tell the truth (-> “The Final Page” Ending)
  • Wing it (-> Route continues)
  • About the Heights (-Ulrik)
  • About you (+Ulrik)
  • Just our interests
  • No need to thank me
  • Glad I could be useful (-Ulrik)
  • Glad I managed to lie (+Ulrik)

SAVE 3 here

  • Don’t force yourself (-Ulrik)
  • We can go somewhere that you like (+Ulrik)
  • We don’t have to stay in town
  • Thank you (+Ulrik)
  • Are you sure?
  • I can’t take it (-Ulrik)
  • He might not come back
  • He will come back (+Ulrik)
  • I want to escape (-Ulrik)

If you picked all of the (+) options, the affection bar should now be completely filled
-> “My Own Story” Ending

Load Save 1 and pick all of the (-) options
-> “Words Unspoken” Ending

Load Save 3 and pick all of the (-) options
-> “Ferrie” Ending

Rumiel helped me again with this next one:
Have Eltcreeds affection as high as possible (Restart the Bodyguard Route if you picked all of his (+) options in the Common Route, otherwise restart the Common Route) and pick all of Ulrik’s (-) options, then choose:

  • Tell the truth

-> “One-Winged Bird” Ending (This is counted as Eltcreed’s Ending)
Without love, the truth cannot be seen (I’m not sorry for this reference)

Prisoner Route

Cyrus has no job and no sword, but at least her clothes look cool, I guess. Yay?

Choice by choice guide:

  • Why are you offering to examine me?
  • I’m fine (-Adage)
  • Thank you very much (+Adage)
  • Do criminals need family names? (-Ines)
  • Yes, it is (+Ines)
  • What will knowing that do?
  • I still want to live independently (->Adage’s Route)
  • I want to lay low (->Ines’ Route)
  • You are right
  • I regret nothing (-Ines)
  • I will do better next time (+Ines)
  • That was the right decision (+Adage)
  • You should have done what you could
  • You should have called for help (-Adage)

Prisoner Route: Adage

Adage is a blunt, cynical doctor with more than a few secrets. To raise his affection, Cyrus should be honest and practical.

Choice by choice guide:

  • Don’t make fun of me (-Adage)
  • I can do it (+Adage)
  • It will be hard for me

SAVE 1 here

  • It’s good (-Adage)
  • I can’t describe it
  • It’s bad (+Adage)
  • Why were you sent to the depts? (-Adage)
  • Can you see them sometimes? (+Adage)
  • I’m envious you could leave it behind
  • You’re like a teacher
  • You’re like a parent (-Adage)
  • Let’s eat together (+Adage)
  • I will help you (-Adage)
  • Good night (+Adage)
  • Good work
  • I don’t want to give you more work (-Adage)
  • I wanted to let you sleep (+Adage)
  • I’m not a thief
  • You’re more childish than I am
  • Please take it away (+Adage)
  • I’ll take it away myself (-Adage)
  • I’m his assistant
  • Play along (+Adage)
  • Deny vehemently (-Adage)
  • Introduce myself fluently (+Adage)
  • Mumble an introduction
  • Say nothing (-Adage)

SAVE 2 here

  • For free
  • All right (+Adage)
  • No need (-Adage)
  • I will
  • Please tell me (-Adage)
  • You have no social graces (+Adage)

SAVE 3 here

  • Talk about having met Finn (-> Route continues)
  • Don’t talk about having met Fin (-> “Property Returned” Ending, found under “Other”)
  • Thank you (+Adage)
  • Are you sure
  • Thank you, but I don’t need it (-Adage)
  • You still had to meet him (+Adage)
  • I’m sorry (-Adage)
  • Glissade is odd
  • That’s immoral (+Adage)
  • Like father, like son (-Adage)
  • You’re lying

If you picked all of the (+) options, the affection bar should now be entirely filled.
-> “Sacrificing Myself” Ending

Load Save 1 and pick all of the (-) options
-> “Good Night, Assistant” Ending

Load Save 2 and pick all of the (-) options
-> “Recessive” Ending

Load Save 2 and pick 2 neutral options, then 3 times (-)
-> “Roselite” Ending (This is counted as Ines’ Ending)

Load Save 2 and only pick neutral options
-> “Flickering, Vanishing” Ending

Prisoner Route: Ines

Ines is the overly serious, slightly stuffy Vice Commander of the HOUNDS.
To gain his favor, Cyrus should be polite, hardworking and have a strong sense of justice.

Choice by choice guide:

  • Dairy farmers? (-Ines)
  • I would be glad to (+Ines)
  • I don’t feel confident doing that
  • I had fun
  • I had a pleasant time (+Ines)
  • I’m tired (-Ines)
  • It’s good that we met on the street (+Ines)
  • This is rather sudden
  • This is too sudden (-Ines)

SAVE 1 here

  • Thank you (+Ines)
  • Don’t worry about it
  • This makes me nervous (-Ines)
  • That’s cute
  • That’s so unexpected (-Ines)
  • It is delicious, after all (+Ines)
  • It looks fun
  • It will tire me out (-Ines)
  • I will work hard (+Ines)
  • I think he’s fun (+Ines)
  • I think he’s cute
  • I think he’s funny (-Ines)
  • Thank you very much (+Ines)
  • Of course it is (-Ines)
  • I still have a long way to go
  • Perhaps he had no choice
  • It was bad regardless (+Ines)
  • He’s being deceived (-Ines)
  • It’s too bad, really (-Ines)
  • I regret nothing (+Ines)
  • I will get used to it
  • It’s unforgivable (+Ines)
  • You had to do it
  • Was there no other way? (-Ines)

SAVE 2 here

  • Trust Sir Ines (->Route continues)
  • Maybe something went wrong (->“The Fangs of a Hound” Ending)

SAVE 3 here

  • I liked what you told me
  • I wish we had met before (+Ines)
  • You old life sounds like fun (-Ines)
  • I’ll got to sleep (+Ines)
  • I can’t sleep yet (-Ines)
  • I’m too worried
  • I want to go with you
  • I’ll show you the way (-Ines)
  • Good idea (+Ines)
  • I understand how you feel (+Ines)
  • You’re being weird (-Ines)
  • This is kind of cute
  • Is a well-meaning man
  • Lives in a different world (+Ines)
  • I don’t know him well (-Ines)
  • Let me have your back (+Ines)
  • I will take point
  • Your orders? (-Ines)
  • Try to resist (-Ines)
  • Look at Sir Ines
  • Don’t let go of hope (+Ines)

If you picked all of the (+) choices, your affection should be maxed out now
->“HOUNDS” Ending

Load Save 1 and pick all of the (-) options
->“Follow Me” Ending (Counted as Adage’s)

Load Save 3 and pick all of the (-) options
->“Cold Blood” Ending

Load Save 3 and pick all of the neutral options, except for the last two choices, pick the (-) ones there
->“Always Faithful” Ending

Servant Route: Yune

Whoo, Cyrus escaped being sent to the Depths! She also managed to get both a pair of pants AND a sword, so she really hit the jackpot with this Route. Or did she? Dun-dun-duuuuun!

Yune is a wise, immortal, yet sometimes suprisingly childlike and playful Saint, revered far and wide in both the Heights and the Depths. The max. affection Ending wasn’t really my thing, but “Lingering Scent” & “Let’s meet again” were probably my favourites in the entire game.^^ Except for the Grand Ending, maybe. Yune appreciates devotion and being treated as human.

Choice by choice guide:

  • Of course (+Yune)
  • Please let me serve you
  • I can’t (-Yune)
  • If you insist (+Yune)
  • I can’t do it
  • I don’t understand why (-Yune)
  • May I really have this? (+Yune)
  • It’s wasted on me
  • Let me go home (-Yune)

SAVE 1 here

  • I’m a little fussy…
  • I eat normally (-Yune)
  • I also eat a lot (+Yune)
  • I’m disappointed (-Yune)
  • I keep my promises (+Yune)
  • This is easy
  • That will be rough (+Yune)
  • You must be joking
  • That’s dangerous (-Yune)
  • About four hundred years old
  • About four thousand years old (-Yune)
  • About sixteen years old (+Yune)

SAVE 2 here

  • Talk to Fin (-> Route continues)
  • Don’t talk to Fin (-> “A Thread Unbroken” Ending)

SAVE 3 here

  • Let’s run away (-Yune)
  • I will deal with him (+Yune)
  • He’s dangerous
  • Are you sure?
  • We need to return to the Heights (-Yune)
  • I would love to (+Yune)
  • No (-Yune)
  • Are you still hungry?
  • That sounds good. (+Yune)

SAVE 4 here

  • He’s my old partner (+Yune)
  • He’s someone important (-Yune)
  • It’s not like that

SAVE 5 here

  • I’m glad he’s still alive (+Yune)
  • He must be joking (-Yune)
  • I wonder what happened
  • Let me think about it (+Yune)
  • I will not commit a crime
  • Is there no ther way? (-Yune)
  • It feels unreal
  • It’s going to work out (+Yune)
  • I’m worried (-Yune)
  • Good luck
  • Please attend (+Yune)
  • This isn’t like you (-Yune)

If you picked all of the (+) options, affection should be maxed out now
-> “My Time” Ending

Load Save 1 and pick all of the (-) options
-> “A Promise Kept” Ending

Load Save 3 and pick all of the (-) options
-> “Punishment” Ending

Load Save 4 and pick all of the (-) options

  • Stay with him until he dies (-> “Lingering Scent” Ending)
  • End relationship (-> “Let’s meet again” Ending)

Load Save 5 and pick all of the (-) options
-> “The Ending We All Wish For” Ending

Grand Ending Route

For once, Cyrus’ honor and parents appear to have been spared. But unforseen complications arise…

You can pick what you want here, there is only one outcome. I liked this Route a lot, it was short and pretty sparse on Romance, but all of the characters were at their best and I enjoyed the focus on plot. Also, this is probably the closest thing to a Fin Route we’re ever going to get, so I’m going to use this picture here. Yes, really.

Written by Rezareth

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  1. It seem for Adage path in “flickering,vanishing” ending… load save 3 not 2 same choose neutral choice. Maybe Rezareth typing faster did not notice it. Sorry…

  2. “the ending we all wish for” from time route doesn’t work, I tried it many times but I just can’t get it somehow, help please!

  3. Thank you very much for this guide!
    You’ve helped me 100% the game and completely fall in love with all the characters 🙂

  4. Apparently, you don’t need to finish all endings to unlock the Grand Ending Route… I was missing A promise kept, Punishment and The ending we all wish for and was surprised to find out I had already unlocked it.


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