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Stellaris Nexus Initial Tips and Hints After First 15 Hours

Initial tips and hints after first 15 hours focused on universal aspects of the game.

Stellaris Nexus Initial Tips and Hints After First 15 Hours

Stellaris Nexus has a boardgame-stylized gameplay – turns, action cards (called here: edicts), victory points. Here are first tips after winning once each faction.

  1. In the early game keep an eye on your support. In my opinion, it’s the most important resource, especially at the beginning of the game. If your support growth goes below 7 you will be very limited each turn because of edicts cost (Note – Ix’idar Star Collective is not using support to pay for edicts). Watch out for buildings that costs support each turn and also control your number of planets each planet costs one support each turn. It’s especially important for Glebsig Foundation since the cost of invasion for them is highly increased. Prioritize buildings that generate support at the beginning.
  2. Prioritize getting rich planets (orange hammer icon) or planets that are closer to the center of map, which will allow you to attack Nexus in the future.
  3. Ranged fleets (carriers, torpedos) are very strong if used correctly they allow you to attack neutral fleets without any losses, also allow to destroy starbases (after proper fleet role) of nearby rivals and lower their fleet capabilities before they can reach your systems.
  4. If possible ensure that each fleet has a role assigned through Command edict.
  5. In early game it is possible to gain neutral planets through Diplomacy or Espionage edicts you can avoid invasion on those planets and save fleet and support needed to move and occupy.
  6. Losing 99% of your fleet is much better than losing whole fleet. Fleets can be created only at starbases, while every fleet can be reinforced at any on your planet that is not in anarchy.
  7. Plan your actions in proper order my advise would be to give orders to fleets at the end of your turn. When during a turn you will be able to increase your munitions or make fleet moves free your fleet actions would be more efficient.
  8. Succession Points
    • Successful Diplomacy with your rivals in the early game generates you extra Succession Points. Later in the game, AI empires are not so willing to cooperate, so it’s harder to make pacts and agreements.
    • Keep an eye on the future council titles as well as resolutions. Plan your actions accordingly to maximize your changes to win in most categories.
    • Controlling Nexus is a solid way to victory. Keep an eye on how many turns are left to the next council, try to gain control or ensure rival lose control on Nexus exactly at the turn with new council.
    • When you are missing few Succession Points and you have plenty of materials, build Megastructures for extra Succession Points.
  9. Use Espionage on your own important systems to prevent hostile espionage actions. The last thing you want is to lose control of Nexus or mutiny at you 140-fleet.
Written by neKKoru

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