Stick Fight: The Game – 100% Achievement Guide

Stick Fight The Game

In this guide, I will give you tactics and tips to get all of the achievements on Stick Fight: The Game. Let’s begin.

Stick Irvin

You just have to run away from the snakes. If you die though, you will get another achievement.


To get this achievement, everyone instead of you should fall down the map. (Mostly happens in ice levels when you break them or you get a Lazer AK and shoot it at everyone) Or you can just invite your friend and make him/her fall down on purpose, which is much easier.

A Poultry Meal

Get 99 kills with any gun and you are done. (People falling off map doesn’t count)


Kill someone with a headshot.

Your Kung Fu is Strong

Kill someone with a mid air kick (To do that, just jump and click left mouse)

Killing Spree

Kill 4 in a row without dying. OP weapons are your only bet. Don’t join fist battles, too risky.

Double Kill

Kill 2 players within a short amount of time Grenade launcher may work. (Falling off map doesn’t count)


Hard one. OP weapons are needed for this one. (Falling off map doesn’t count)


Really hard one. (Falling off map doesn’t count) Don’t join fist battles at all and wait for a weapon to drop.


You have to kill 3 other players in one round, its not that hard. You just gotta make sure that people don’t kill eachother. (Falling off map doesn’t count)


This one is so hard. Do not take any risks, don’t join fist fights. Don’t rush someone with a weapon. And camp, doing these will make you seem like a scaredy cat but if you want an achievement thats what you have to do. (Falling off map doesn’t count)


You have to play a round on every map. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

4D Stickman

Win a match where a black hole appears. Sawed-Off or Auto Shotgun can help on these stages cause it gives you the advantage of eaiser travelling.


You need to pick up a Light-Sabre, only available in one map.


Do the same things I told you in Unstoppable.

Royal Ace

Hardest achievement. You must kill the other 3 enemies without taking ANY damage, enemies falling of the map don’t count. So you can’t use Lazer AK, and others should not kill eachother. You must kill all three. Play like a scaredy cat and wait for high damage weapons. (Not high knockback)


Easy one. Just block your opponent and they won’t be able to punch for a few seconds. Don’t take a weapon because you must kill him/her with fists.


Do the same tips I gave you in Unstoppable.

Triple Kill

You must kill 3 players in a short amount of time. Grenade launcher is a hero with this. (Falling off map or the players killing eachother doesn’t count)


Remember in Stick Irvin when I said you shouldn’t die? Well in this one, you must get killed by a snake. Easy peasy.

Wicked Stick

Second hardest achievement. You must get 10 kills without dying. And enemies falling off the map doesn’t count. You have to stay safe and do the things I told you to do in Unstoppable.

Ice Age

You don’t need to kill other players, you just have to break every ice in one level and wait for other players to fall. It sounds easy but it is hard.


Yep this one is hard. You have to block a bullet (Its harder than you think) and then kill the guy who has the weapon. Hope that he has something like a revolver.


I don’t have any tips for this one. In my opinion its the 3rd hardest achievement. You need to be lucky.


You need to win on every map. In Explorer it didn’t matter if you won or not. But in this one you need to win.

мигающий кинжал

Its not THAT hard. It ain’t easy still. The only hard part is that other players will try to kill eachother. If they don’t attack eachother or they are just noobs then this should be easy.

Xiao Xiao

I can’t give any tips on this one, because you can’t do anything in gameplay to get it. You need to get all other achievements to get this one.

White Death

You need to get 77 kills with the sniper. Its not too hard.

Easter Egg

If you download the photos of the achievements. You will see that they have numbers (STK*number*)
Try to find the one that writes 177 on it, and if you find it. Tell me in the comments. The first one to to let me know will get.. g-ge.. Will.. W-wi.. he/she won’t get anything. But still.

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