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Stick Fight: The Game – How you should be using weapons

This guide will tell you how to make the most out of any weapon you find. Pretty Simple!

Basic Overview

Hi! You probably came here wondering how you can make better use of a weapon. I’ll talk about each weapon type and how to use them the most effectively.

Unarmed Combat

Here are the basics of unarmed attacks:

  • You will punch/kick in the direction your mouse is in.
  • If you are on the ground, you will punch. In the air, you will kick.
  • You get slightly moved in the direction of your attack.
  • You can block an unarmed attack to get an advantage over your opponent.
  • If both you and your opponent attack unarmed at the same time, they cancel out.

You want to be good at unarmed as this is usually what gets damage in during the first few seconds of a round. If you plan your attacks correctly, you can disallow a player from reaching weapons or places of interest. Also, you can just spam left click. That also works.


Pistols are the first weapon on the list. Pistols are small guns with some ammo and moderate fire rate. The best pistol is arguably the God Pistol, although an Uzi is much more common.

The best strategy for pistols is to aim closely and fire. Try not to spam the pistol, as you will be shooting all over the place, and you may break something that will kill you (such as a chain connected to spikes.). If a stickman is rushing you, shoot him until he gets close, then press F to throw the weapon. Most pistols are not that effective at short range. So, instead, you should throw the weapon then go unarmed. This video shows what happens if you spam pistol.

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Rifles are accurate guns with pretty fast fire rate (unless you get the shotgun) and pretty moderate damage. These guns can dish out damage midgame, and can also block someone off from getting an ideal position or a gun. There are different types of rifles, which I will explain how to use:

The “Ordinary” Rifle: The rifle you expect. A long gun, where you shoot it and it’s pretty accurate. Only one of these ordinary rifles are not very accurate. The premise for these rifles is simple: aim and shoot.

Shotgun: The shotgun is very powerful if used up close, but not very accurate or powerful at long range. There is a special tactic for the shotgun. I call it “Shotgun fly”. It can be used to escape a sticky situation while also dealing damage. This is also useful for obliterating ice maps while staying in the air. See video.


Last one is the bouncer. This is a risky weapon. The bullets boucne all over the place, but deal pretty good damage. Use this in open areas, but watch out for bullets that bounce right back at you!

Explosive Guns

There are 3 explosive guns. I will explain each.

Grenade launcher: Launches grenades that are affected by gravity. This gun is very useful for exterminating campers / reaching places without risk. Make sure to aim this weapon, as it has a big AoE which can damage and can harm you as well.

Thruster: This weapon shoots out little flaming balls that stick to people and walls. (That rhymed!) After a while, the balls explode. This is useful for regular damage. Once you hit someone, make sure to run away, as they might explode soon. (Also, don’t touch walls with thruster balls on them.) These don’t do too much damage but add up over time.

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RPG: The most OP explosive weapon. It shoots a rocket that pretty much obliterates anybody in its path. Aim this where you think your opponent will be, as it takes a while to shoot.


These are possibly the most annoying and stupidest weapons. Not to be subjective. Most of these shoot out annoying little snakes that will follow anybody (even the shooter!) and start attacking them. Most of the damage isn’t too bad, but they can trap and overwhelm you. Did I mention one of the snake guns shoots out flying snakes?

Anyways, the premise for these: Shoot them at your opponent far away. You don’t want these little gremlins to team up on you. You should also generally avoid these unless it’s the only choice.


These are pretty OP weapons. I’ll explain each one by one.

Spike ball: shoot at people, get to cover. The spikes do pretty good damage and can instakill someone if the ball lands close to them.

Beam: I’m assuming this is the one where it shoots a dormant laser, just aim this at whoever crosses your path and watch them run into the laser and immediately die. This is pretty OP.

Stream: I’m assuming this is the beam you can control. Does less damage, but extremely high accuracy. Just aim and fire.

Spray: Aim and fire. Gravity affects these bullets, so you can shoot over a wall and reach your enemy.

Spike gun: This is a conditional weapon. When the bullet hits a wall, it shoots out 3 spikes perpendicular to the wall. Use in certain conditions, i.e. when your enemy is camping behind a wall with a platform above it. You can also spam this one.

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Melee weapons are decent too!

Sword: hit a little, then throw. throwing this is high damage and can kill someone very easily.

Spear: same as above.

Spirit dagger. Spam the HELL out of this weapon. Not only can you teleport, but it does pretty ok damage as well. Just don’t spam it into a spike ball or something like that.


Time Bubble: Requires good aim. Traps the opponent in this blue circle thingy and deals damage, I think. Never really used it as its very conditional.

Laser: I’m assuming this is the extremely high fire rate gun. This weapon is pretty OP. Extremely high fire rate and high damage + accuracy. Just aim at whoever is unfortunate to get in your way.

Ice Gun: Okay gun, the bullets are a little bit affected by gravity. Good to spam.

Black Hole: This gun is very crazy. It shoots a black hole that everyone gets sucked into. Good for shooting at campers or when there’s 2 people left. (Just shoot at the enemy from far away.) Make sure not to get stuck in it yourself! This instakills anyone who touches it.

Glue Gun: Good for trapping stickmen. Shoot at them and watch them get stuck in a web of glue! After trapping someone with this, use another gun to finish them off.

Minigun: OP, extremely high fire rate, but not very good accuracy. Hard to control, but lots of damage comes out.

Flame Thrower: Pretty OP but never seen one. This one is hard to get. It’s pretty much a spray weapon that throws flame, duh… Just aim and fire.

Lightsaber thing on the 8th lava map: pretty op, extremely high damage melee weapon that kills in 1-2 hits. Just spam it at people.

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