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Stoneshard Potions List (Positive & Negative Effects)

Stoneshard Potions List

More potion effects may be added in upcoming versions.

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Positive Effects

  • Antivenom Removes Poisoning, decreases Toxicity ??? stacks. Description: Removes Poisoning. Decreases Toxicity.
  • Anesthesia Resets Pain. Description: Gives full resistance to Pain for serveral turns.
  • Deadliness Gives you Battle Rage: Crit efficency 33% / Crit chance 10% / Weapon damage 25%
  • Elusiveness ??? Description: Makes Elusive
  • Energy Gives 100 energy instantly
  • Enrichment Description: Allows you to turn enemies into gold.
  • Exceptional Precision Mental, Crit Chance +5%, Accuracy +25%
  • Healing Restores some health.
  • Lifesteal Allows you to lifesteal with your physical attack 10% lifesteal per stack for 75 turns.
  • Manasteal Gives you two stacks of the effect Manasteal. Allows you to steal mana with your physical attacks for 20% of damage becomes mana for 100 turns.
  • Painkilling Decreases Pain 2 stacks.
  • Purification Removes muliple active effects. Description: Removes several active effects.
  • Receptive Psionic Resistance -25%, Recieved Experience +10% for 120 turns.
  • Regeneration Causes Regeneration, heal 3 heatlh for 2 turns.
  • Rage Description: Enrages.
  • Satiation It satisfies a certain amount of Hunger and Thirst(random). Description: It satisfies a certain amount of Hunger and Thirst.
  • Stoneskin Turns skin into stone adds 2 light and heavy armor for 30 turns.
  • Sturdiness Boosts your health 6 for 30 turns and +9 vitality.
  • Teleport Teleports at a random distance.
  • Training Gives a AP and/or an extra stat randomly.
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Negative Effects

  • Drunkeness Causes Drunkeness Description: Makes Drunk.
  • Ignation Burns you for 3 damage 5 turns.
  • Suffering: Increases Pain ? stacks. Description: Causes Pain.
  • Weakening Reduces your physical attack{Need to confirm} Description: Weakens.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can stack multiple Manasteal effects (Needs to confirm every other effect)
  • Purification Effect also removes positive effects.

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