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Stoneshard Tips & Tricks for Beginners

This is a guide detailing all I discover while playing Stoneshard, should be a great read for a beginner player but will, hopefully, contain valuable tips for experienced travelers as well.

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Tips & Tricks for Beginners

So you’ve just cleared the prologue dungeon and you’re ready for adventure uh? Here’s a bunch of things you should know:

General Tips

  • You can only save the game in INNs, so plan your exploration trips accordingly
  • Sometimes there are multiple ways to interact with objects, don’t forget to right click to see the options!
  • Replenish food and water whenever you can, to refill your water supply right click on on any source of water and you’ll get both a drink and a refill option.
  • Remember that you can heal by resting, right click on yourself and select rest!
  • Keep a look at your HP bar, if you can’t heal all your HP back because the bar looks capped before the max level you have one or more body parts that need to be treated with balms, leeches or other healing items
  • Look at your map! You should have a map in the inventory, I missed it my first time around and spent more time I’m comfortable admitting roaming around getting ganked by bears and wolves. The map doesn’t tell you where you are, use roads and other unique places to figure out where you are if you get lost.
  • Always travel diagonally in the overworld. The map is divided in squares, so by traveling diagonally you travel x1.7 times faster than going in a straight line (it’s math!) by going at the corner of a screen you can easily travel to the next diagonal screen by going left/right one screen then immediately up/down the other screen.
  • Where’s the damn elder? He’s on the first floor of the barrack, the biggest building in the village, the ones with guards on the ground floor. Talk with him and take both jobs, you can switch the active quest in the quest menu.
  • Stay away from bears, they’re OP.
  • Don’t forget to visit the herbalist in the village and buy splints, bandages and balms, you’ll need them!

Hunting Tips

  • The best places are the denser forest areas, to approach your prey you need to be out of their line of sight as much as possible and try to close the distance, this will allow you to attack multiple times while they try to escape so once you see an animal use tree and rocks to stay hidden and not alert your prey.
  • If you don’t have a bow, the Mutilating Lunge skill of the Axe can still be an effective way of closing the distance with a fleeing prey while dealing damage to it.
  • The easiest way to hunt something if you are close to the edge (or even better the corner) of the map chunk is to lead your prey to it, only NPCs that are aggroing you will exit the sector, ones that are fleeing are trapped inside (at least in the current version of the game) so you can very easily close the distance and kill them off. Cheesy but effective.

Herbs & Mushrooms Tips

  • The most useful plant I’ve seen so far is Mindwort as it removes bad trip/drunk status effects so it’s great when used in combo with alcoholic beverages.
  • All these items are listed as “ingredients” but there’s no crafting/potion making yet in the game, so for the moment they’re just consumable items.
  • Herbs take a lot of space in the inventory so they’re not that useful to carry around, but during long trips they can help surviving fights and recovering faster afterwards as most of them have sedative properties. There will be probably be more to them once they implement crafting.

Advanced tips

After you complete a quest the dungeon will lock and you’ll be unable to visit the place anymore (very weird design decision if you ask me!), that means that you can’t go back to the place of the quest to gather all that sweet loot you couldn’t carry the first time around. There’s a workaround for this though: you don’t need to accept a quest to complete it, you can talk to the elder, figure out where the quest is and what involved and you can visit the place and even do several runs to clean it up, then you can accept the quest and instantly complete it or go back for a final run to finish it. You can do what I’d call “scout runs” and get to know the place and the enemies strength well before doing the actual quest.

It’s end. I hope “Stoneshard Tips & Tricks for Beginners” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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  1. Just a note on your first tip. Littered around the map are bandit camps which you can rest and save at. Although there seems to be a few people getting bugs where they cant select the bed roll.


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