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Stormworks: Build and Rescue Shell Types Guide

A short guide to all types of shells with illustrative examples.

There are 5 types of shells in the game – kinetic, armor-piercing, fragmentation, high-explosive and incendiary.The battle cannon can use all of them, the artillery cannon can only use fragmentation, high-explosive and armor-piercing.In addition, autocannon shells and machine gun cartridges are divided into the same types, and work according to the same principle.

Kinetic shell [K]

Shell Type Guide!
Additional damaging factorsNo

This projectile is the simplest piece of metal in a case. Deals damage only due to its kinetic energy. It has no additional damaging factors.

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High explosive shell [HE]

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PenetrationNo (splash only)
DamageVery high
Additional damaging factorsNo

This projectile is a hollow container filled with explosives. Immediately after contact with the target, it explodes, causing huge splash damage in a certain radius.(There is a sphere around the shell in which the blocks get damaged, so in the screenshot you can see a circle on the ceiling.)

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Armor – piercing shell [AP]

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PenetrationVery high
Additional damaging factorsNo

This is a sub-caliber projectile designed to penetrate a large amount of armor. The damage is exactly the same as a kinetic projectile.

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Fragmentation shell [FRAG]

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Additional damaging factorsFragments

This shell is very similar to a high-explosive, but contains much less explosives. After hitting the target, it weakly explodes, scattering fragments in all directions. Presumably, the best way to use it is fighting infantry.

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Incendiary shell [I]

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Additional damaging factorsFire

This projectile contains an incendiary element, which with some probability (not always, but in most cases) sets fire to the target. It bursts immediately after impact and deals minor damage by impact.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, I really hope that I helped someone with this, and the hours of tests did not pass in vain.

Written by レモン猫