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Strange Horticulture Endings Guide

All endings available in Strange Horticulture and the conditions to get to them. Of course, it contains spoilers.

Strange Horticulture Endings Guide

There are four ending paths, each with two variants, for a total of eight endings.

The conditions to unlock each path and the actions to complete that path are described below.

At the end of day 15, the Woman in the Jade Mask will come to the shop. Further on in this guide, she will be referred to as ‘Thea’. Which plant is given to her at this point determines which ending variant of the path you will obtain. Widow’s Woe weakens Thea’s resolve, while Dead Man’s Fingers strengthens it. The endings below are marked accordingly.

Strange Horticulture saves automatically at the end of each day. It is therefore easy to go back and choose a different outcome.

There probably isn’t much of a deeper meaning to the plants that decorate each ending.

Path I – Ending I & II


  • None. This path is always available.


  • Day 16: after Verona Green calls at the shop, go to the ritual site.
  • Place the five plants from the riddle in the box in the slots, in any order. They are Devil’s Nightcap, Swiftsnare, Widow’s Woe, Long Verecund and Elderphinium.

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Ending I – Thum
“A Bloody Mess”

Thea was weakened.

The Dendrew is banished from the world, but not without cost in human lives.

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Ending II – Elderphinium
“The Sleeping Dendrew”

Thea was strengthened.

The Dendrew is banished whence it came from, without making further victims.

Path II – Ending III & IV


  • Day 4: give Faye Swift the Candlewood.
  • Day 13: offer Simone Green the Lisle of Neptune.


  • Day 16: after Verona Green comes by at the shop, go to the ‘The Daughters’ stone circle.
  • Immobilise Faye Swift with the Swiftsnare.
  • Drink the Elixir of Control (Farmer’s Worry, Solomon’s Sceptre, Witch Phygg).

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Ending III – Gilded Dendra
“I am the Dendrew”

Thea was weakened.

The shopkeeper assumes control of the Dendrew. What will he do?

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Ending IV – Swiftsnare
“She is the Dendrew”

Thea was strengthened.

Thea continues her hold on the Dendrew.

Path III – Ending V & VI


  • Day 4: supply Faye Swift with the Candlewood.
  • Day 13: give Simone Green the Lisle of Neptune.


  • Day 16: after Verona Green passes by at the shop, travel to the ‘The Daughters’ stone circle.
  • Give Faye Swift the Elixir of Control (Farmer’s Worry, Solomon’s Sceptre, Witch Phygg).

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Ending V – Dead Man’s Fingers
“Angered the Beast”

Thea was strengthened.

Thea maintains control of the Dendrew. Faye Swift dies.

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Ending VI – Solomon’s Sceptre
“A New Terror”

Thea was weakened.

Faye Swift assumes control of the Dendrew, though it remains a mystery for what purpose.

Path IV – Ending VII & VIII


  • Day 6: at the demand of Ennis Aleford, go to Sadgill and leave the St John’s Poppy.
  • Day 12: give Forest Vair the Lesser Merrydock.


  • Day 16: after Verona Green comes to the shop, leave for the Swinside stone circle.
  • Donate the Dendrew’s Elixir (Bishop’s Parasol, Pennybell, Witch Phygg) to the cultists.

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Ending VII – Bishop’s Parasol
“Defeated Redemption”

Thea was strengthened.

Thea remains in control of the Dendrew. Cult leader Ennis Aleford dies.

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Ending VIII – Devil’s Nightcap
“The Redemption”

Thea was weakened.

The Dendrew is released from control, free to pursue its unknown goals. Cult leader Ennis Aleford shuffles off this mortal coil, presumably satisfied after fulfilling his ambition.

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