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Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical 100% Achievement Guide

A guide for all songs and achievements. Let me know if you spot errors!

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical 100% Achievement Guide

Notes / Spoiler Warning

I HIGHLY recommend playing the game and play as you like to properly experience the story before reading this guide. This guide is all spoilers HOWEVER if you want to get ahead, you can make note of your song choices (probably easiest by colour) to help in the long run for Maestro.

You can press ‘N’ to skip scenes but you cannot skip songs. The song runtime is a little over an hour so depending on how much your skip, each run will take about 1.5 hours.

Playthroughs Required

A minimum of 3 full playthroughs is required. To avoid a full 4th playthrough:

  • Romance Freddie and Persphone on the same run, stay with Persphone and flirt with them both
  • Save Freddie and choose her, complete the game with her
  • Reload starting at It’s Time, and let Freddie go, then finish romancing Persphone
  • Reload one more time at Time is Almost Up (before Confront Persphone), and break it off with Persphone to get the solo epilogue

You will need to do a final load of The Throne since there is 4 options for it plus probably many others for the Maestro achievement (6 variations of the Ritual alone!), but you don’t need to complete the run for it to count!

Songs / Choices / Achievements in Order

Adrift – choose trait and continue to use it often* in songs throughout the playthrough

  • Charming (Green) – Achievement – Charismatic
  • Kick-Ass (Red) – Achievement – Fiery
  • Clever (Blue) – Achievement – Cunning

*just the majority, can pick other options. Achievements pop at the end of the game

Achievement – Heartbreaker

  • Flirt with every suitor (Freddie, Pan, Apollo and Persphone) in one save file
  • You are still able to just choose 1 suitor afterward
  • Possible by the end of Act 1 if you choose Persphone after Old Wounds, otherwise you can still get it in Act 3

I Can Teach You

  • Choose Freddie (Green) Achievement – Not a Lost Girl
  • Choose Yourself (Red) Achievement – My Time to Shine
  • Choose Pan (Blue) Achievement – The Choice is Yours

The Chorus is in Accord

Phantom Pains (Calliope’s House)

Challenge a Queen (The Underworld)

Old Wounds (The Underworld)

  • Choose Persphone – Achievement – Queen Without a Throne
  • Choose Apollo – Achievement – God of the Sun

You and I (The Underworld)

  • Flirt with Persphone after staying with her

Achievement – Finish Act 1 – The Deep End

Cast a Spell (The Reliquary)

  • Hecate and Asterion in love! (Red/Green) – Achievement – Meant to Be
  • Let Hecate talk (Blue) Achievement – Arrow of Eros Undone

Let’s Have This Dance (Pan’s Tree)

  • You will visit Pan after the Reliquary. Ask questions and flirt

The Ritual (Aphrodite’s Party)

  • Save Aphrodite (Red/Blue) Achievement – All the Help You Need
  • Allow Aphrodite to Die (Green) Achievement – Lost in a Song

Here for the Ride (Apollo’s House)

  • Stay with Apollo after Old Wounds* then visit Apollo after the Ritual + Flirting

*not actually sure if this is required, but when I stayed with Persphone I flirted and wasn’t given the choice for Apollo’s heart after.

Look Into Me (Medusa’s Lair)

  • Defeat Medusa (Red/Green) Achievement – Like Heroes Before You
  • Help Medusa (Blue) Achievement – Snake Charmer

Achievement – Not Taking Any Chances

  • When in Athena’s office tell her that Medusa tried to eat you

Achievement – Finish Act 2 – Across the Styx

The Throne (Real Underworld)

  • Take the Throne (Red) – Achievement – This Hell Is Mine
  • Destroyed the Throne (Red) – Achievement – Abdication
  • Leave Orpheus on the Throne (Green) – Achievement – The King of Hell
  • Give Persphone the Throne (Blue) – Achievement – The Queen of the Dead

It’s Time (Real Underworld)

  • Save Freddie (Red) – Achievement – The Ultimate Sacrifice
  • Let Freddie Go (Green) – Achievement – Saying Goodbye

If Only (Apartment)

  • If you save Freddie + flirting

Adrift Reprise (Auditorium) – versions vary depending on choices

  • If you saved Freddie, it’s a solo
  • Sacrifice Freddie, you have other muses singing with you

The Trial (Olympus)

  • Punch Athena (Red) – Achievement – Talk to the Hand
  • Forgive Athena (Green) – Achievement – The High Road
  • Tell Athena she’s out (Blue) – Achievement – Brand New Chorus

Achievement – Finish Act 3 – The Muse’s Encore

Romantic Reprises
Note: There is always a moment when you make a clear choice to pursue the romance. This usually starts with or is during the first romance song, with the exception of Persphone.

  • If Only – Freddie – Achievement – Brave on Time
  • Here for the Ride – Apollo – Achievement – The Answer is You
  • Let’s Have this Dance – Pan – Achievement – Share this Dance
  • You and I – Persphone – Achievement – Together, Victorious


  • If you romanced no one – Achievement – Everything has Changed

Achievement – Finish the Game – Against All Odds

Achievement – Virtuoso – Listen to all songs (Listed above)

  • I’m a bit unsure what counts as #23 as you’ll notice there is 22 songs above – maybe the credits?
  • After my first playthrough I had 16/23 songs and I listened to the credits fully (sped up). I did my Freddie/Persphone run first so I had two romance songs in my first playthrough but everyone should have minimum of 14 (I think)

Achievement – Maestro – Listen to ALL variations of songs

  • There’s a guide here that has been listing them so rather than repeating check there


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