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Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical The Ritual Song Structure and All Combinations

A guide to all unique combinations for Aphrodite’s song The Ritual.

The Ritual Song Structure and All Combinations

Song structure

The 1st + 2nd + 3rd choices determines the song version – short (4 choices total) or long (5 choices total). It’s a short version if the 1st or the 2nd choice has the same color as the 3rd choice, except when the 3rd is BLUE.

The 3rd determines the chorus (Lost In A Moment / Everybody / The Only Way To Go).

The 4th is based on the short or long version. If the version is short the 4th choice is the ending.

The endings for the short and the long versions are the same (3 unique per chorus). They don’t depend on anything except for Grace’s trait CLEVER and KICKASS, but there’s a bug currently that lets you to choose regardless of the trait.

The most interesting part of this song is that the 4th choice has 2 different RED options for each chorus depending on Grace’s attitude towards the ritual. It’s ether ‘disapproving’ or ‘approving’/’questioning’ Grace.
I’m not sure if the 4th choice is based only on a conversation with Eros or also on the conversations with Aphrodite. When I tested I did both with the same attitude.

1st + 2nd + 3rd combination

Short version:

  1. XGGX / GXGX
  2. XRRX / RXRX

Long version:

  4. GGBXX
  5. RRBXX

3rd + 4th combination

Short version:
The 4th choice is the ending

  1. XXGG
  2. XXGR
  3. XXGB
  4. XXRG
  5. XXRR
  6. XXRB
  7. XXBG
  8. XXBR
  9. XXBB

Long version:

  1. XXGGX (Apollo sings)
  2. XXGRX (Grace sings) [disapproving Grace]
  3. XXGRX (Eros sings) [approving/questioning Grace]
  4. XXGBX (Aphrodite sings)
  5. XXRGX (Apollo sings)
  6. XXRRX (Eros sings) [disapproving Grace] (Eros’ singing is the same as in the short version XXRX)
  7. XXRRX (Grace sings) [approving/questioning Grace]
  8. XXRBX (Aphrodite sings)
  9. XXBGX (Apollo sings)
  10. XXBRX (Grace sings) [disapproving Grace]
  11. XXBRX (Eros sings) [approving/questioning Grace]
  12. XXBBX (Aphrodite sings)

5th choice – the endings

The endings are the same as in short versions

  1. XXGXG
  2. XXGXR
  3. XXGXB
  4. XXRXG
  5. XXRXR
  6. XXRXB
  7. XXBXG
  8. XXBXR
  9. XXBXB

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