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Stronghold Crusader HD PC Cheats

This guide will show you some cheats.

Stronghold Crusader HD PC Cheats

At main menu hold CTRL and type TRIBLADE2002 to get the cheats to work. List:

  • ALT + C → Unlocks all missions (Historical Campaigns only, use at main menu).
  • ALT + K → All buildings become free (hold the ALT and just tap the K, if you hold the cheat can unlock and lock).
  • ALT + Q → Take screenshot (works without typing the code on main menu).
  • ALT + X → Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.

Bonus – Building Resource Output Cheat

Make sure you have some peasants available for this glitch. When you go to a building, click it then pause the game.Then, click the “Halt Production” button and then press it again. Unpause the game. The “No Workers” symbol will appear above the building. Yet, the old workers will still be working there, and new ones will come there too.

Cheat List + Bonus
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