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Stumble Guys Achievement Guide 100%

This guide is a full achievement guide for Stumble Guys, with all 36 achievements.

Stumble Guys Achievement Guide 100%

You can do all the “Advance or win Level” achievements in custom games against AI which makes it a lot easier as you can pick the levels you want. If custom games stop triggering these achievements or you want to do it against humans I’ve added tips for each level below.

Note that while purchasing the Premium Stumble Pass will likely make getting some achievements (especially the unlockables) easier and faster, it is NOT required in order to get them.

Levels – Part 1

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideIcy Heights
Advance or win on Icy Heights
Make sure you slide down the big ramp just before the end for a speed boost and do the super jump to do a big leap to the finish line.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideTile Fall
Advance or win on Tile Fall
Leave the other players to find the path, while staying near the front of the group ready for rushing to the finish line. Unless you’re confident you know the way, don’t risk stepping onto the next tile as it could result in you falling and not being able to catch up to everyone else in time.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideSpin Go Round
Advance or win on Spin Go Round
No real tips here as it’s pretty easy. Avoid the hammers and you should be fine.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideCannon Climb
Advance or win on Cannon Climb
Keep an eye on where the balls are coming from up above. Sometimes you can be unlucky with the spinners as they bounce off and hit you.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuidePivot Push
Advance or win on Pivot Push
Push the spinners at the beginning on the side with the majority to avoid getting stuck and left behind. On the narrow part between the conveyors don’t rush as getting hit by the wrecking balls or hammer can cost you the level. Slide down the middle of the end ramp for a little speed boost before finishing the level.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideJungle Roll
Advance or win on Jungle Roll
The mud will slow you down so before you go into it, do a dive to get some distance first. On the rotating bridges, be careful when diving as you could slide off the side if it’s too steep.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideHumble Stumble
Advance or win on Humble Stumble
The moving pink blocks can catch you off guard, especially the second one when there are a lot of people grouped together. Make use of the little side platform if you don’t think you have enough time to pass.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideBlock Dash
Advance or win on Block Dash
The more you play this level, the more famililar you will get to the patterns and layout of the blocks. A little trick: each block is the height of 1 Stumbler, which means if the bottom block is broken you can simply walk through it avoiding the need to jump. As an elimination map, you will be subject to punches and kicks from other players to hit you off the map so be careful about your positioning, try to stay near the center and give yourself enough time to react to the blocks coming down.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuidePaint Slash
Advance or win on Paint Slash
The rising platforms at the end are on a timer and will lower pretty quickly. Make sure the one you jump on first has just risen up otherwise you’ll find yourself sinking when you get to the second platform.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideFloor Flip
Advance or win on Floor Flip
The two main things that can cause problems on this map are the pink rotating blocks and the final seasaw. In order to prevent getting flipped off the last block, jump on the first block as soon as it finishes flipping. The final seasaw needs to tilt further up than the rest so unless you’re far ahead you might end up relying on the common sense of other players to make it up there.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideLaser Tracer
Advance or win on Laser Tracer
Another elimination map where other players might attempt to hit you into the lasers, so be careful. Keep your camera angle at a position so you can see every laser at all time to make it easier to know where and when to jump.

Levels – Part 2

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideBombardment
Advance or win on Bombardment
Elimination map, need I say more? Try not to forget about the bombs though as well, and don’t group up with other players if you can in order to give you space to move if need be.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideSuper Slide
Advance or win on Super Slide
It’s in the name. If you’re in water, you should be sliding. Make use of the speed boosts in the water when they appear. Before you get to the whirlpools there is a slight ramp, so jump and dive over the whole section to avoid getting sucked in.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideBot Bash
Advance or win on Bot Bash
Keep an eye on the pipes, they indicate when they will start shooting out. Similarly to Laser Tracer, keep your camera at an angle where you can see all the bots. Don’t stray too far to the edge as if you do get hit, you will likely fall in. Be ready to jump… a LOT.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideLost Temple
Advance or win on Lost Temple
Timing is quite important on this map, especialy at the spikes section. Going up the left side of the spikes is the faster path, and then the right side of the falling logs. With the fists you can actually jump and dive over them which can save you a lot of time where a lot of other players will likely wait in between each one. At the boulder, you will need to wait in the gap at the side as it comes down or you will get hit.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideOver and Under
Advance or win on Over and Under
As tempting as it is, avoid the crazy green pole down the middle. When it comes to the hammer, there is space along the side of it to walk around it without falling off.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideSpace Race
Advance or win on Space Race
Use the zero gravity to your advantage, you can jump and dive a lot further than normal and can skip some parts of the map at the beginning because of it. At the end, there are three potential finish lines picked at random. Going down the middle will give you equal access to all three but if you’re feeling lucky (or somehow know where it is) then go for the left or right one which will take you right to the end.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideHoney Drop
Advance or win on Honey Drop
Try to stay up high as long as possible but be aware of what’s below you. Make sure there’s somewhere for you to jump to if you need to fall. Stay aware of other players too as they can easily ruin your plans.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideStumble Soccer
Advance or win on Stumble Soccer
Hit the ball in their goal. Hit the ball away from your goal.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideLava Land
Advance or win on Lava Land
Keep high as new land rises up. Be aware of how high you can jump and don’t attempt any crazy maneuvers if there could be another easier way.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideLava Rush
Advance or win on Lava Rush
Despite the “rush” part of this map’s name, you need a little patience. Lava will rise and fall. If you try to storm ahead, chances are you will get caught in the lava and let the other players that waited 2 seconds run past you.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideRocket Rumble
Advance or win on Rocket Rumble
Capture the flags and shoot the baddies. What’s not to love? You’ll be relying on your teammates more than you’d like on this so it might take a few attempts.


You will unlock all of the below over time. Complete the progression on events, tournaments and the Stumble Pass. Naturally, if you buy the premium pass you will earn this easier and faster but it’s NOT required for getting the achievements.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement Guide
Stand Out
Unlock 40 unique skins

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement Guide
Show Off
Unlock 10 unique animations

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement Guide
🙂 😛
Unlock 20 unique emotes

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement Guide
Eat My Dust
Unlock 5 unique footsteps


Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideChampion
Finish 1st out of 32 players
Keep playing levels, use the tips above for each level if you need help. You just need to get 1st place in a single level.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideMaster Champion
Finish 1st out of 32 players 5 times
Keep playing levels, use the tips above for each level if you need help.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement Guide
Play 300 levels

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideLeveling Up
Earn 10,000 XP
Keep playing levels, this will come over time. The further you get through rounds, the more XP you earn.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideI See Stars
Earn 500 stars
Keep playing levels, this will come over time. The further you get through rounds, the more stars you earn.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideTrophy Collector
Earn 1,000 Stumble trophies
Keep playing levels, this will come over time. The further you get through rounds, the more trophies you earn.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideExpress Yourself
Change your Stumbler color
Go to the “Customize” menu, and go to “Color”. Change your color.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideSocial Butterfly
Use 100 emotes
Just spam the emotes until you get this achievement. You already start the game with 4 equipped.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideStumble Expert
Advance or win 100 levels
Keep playing levels, use the tips above for each level if you need help.

Stumble Guys: 100% Achievement GuideRound & Round
Spin 50 wheels
You get a free wheel spin every 24 hours. You may also get wheel spins as part of events. Otherwise you can spend gems in the store to spin the wheels for skins. I found that this achievement tracked multiple wheel spins done at the same time as one spin, so I would recommend to do each spin individually to be safe.


I got into this game after getting a little bored with the levels on Fall Guys during the wait for a new season and loved it. Then they added new levels, events and, more importantly, achievements so I immediately got hooked.

Written by Moon

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