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Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones – A How to Survive Arkham Guide

This guide provides tips and suggestions on how to survive in the hostile world of Arkham.

A How to Survive Arkham Guide

  • The right mouse button is your best friend. It opens a radial menu with all abilities and skills applicable to the chosen object or character. It can be used both in and out of combat. Make sure to right-click all objects you find curious.
  • Choosing your PC’s Belief System is a big decision. It’s an important gameplay mechanic. Make sure to choose the one you are actually going to roleplay most of the time. Don’t make everything harder for yourself by roleplaying a materialist with a humanistic PC.
  • Make sure to avoid fighting if possible. Combat is the main source of ANGST points. ANGST points are like negative experience points. The more of them you get, the more defect and traumatized your PC will become.
  • You don’t have to kill everybody in order to win struggles and progress forward. The longer you fight the better chances you will get an open window for a Progressive Escape. If you see blue cells on a battlefield, rush to them and press the escape button. You will win the fight and keep all the loot you’ve salvaged.
  • All quests and challenges in Stygian can be solved by at least four approaches: direct, cunning, intellectual and costly. Be attentive because almost any character builds, especially non-combat one, can solve most of the challenges without either fighting or spending money.
  • Every character class has three skills which can be maxed out. We recommend spending most of your skill points on them for the better RPG experience.
  • Science, Medicine, Survival skills have separate crafting branches. We recommend using all advantages from crafting if your character class allows it.
  • You can’t complete Stygian and not to go nuts a couple of times. Drug issues, alcoholism, mental disorders – all of this is a part of the game. It is also a part of your PC which can even make him or her even stronger. Don’t be afraid and bravely walk into the abyss.
  • Skills checks usually involve both skills and attributes. There is no point putting skill points into Subterfuge if your character has low Agility.
  • Take a closer look at possibilities which resting gives to you and your companions. For example, studying new spells, scientific research and artifacts deciphering are available only when your party is resting.
  • Always hide your identity before directly opposing the Mob. Wear a mask. Like a swimming mask or a burglar mask. A gas mask will do too.
  • A lantern is the best way to save your sanity in darkness. Make sure you have it and a kerosine supply before exploring the warehouse.
  • Try to keep your sanity level above 50% to lower risks of acquiring a mental condition.
    Some classes have unique companions from the start. Try out the Explorer to get our favourite dog companion!
  • You will find all kinds of dark essences during your journey. Make sure to use them in order to upgrade yours or your companion’s spells in grimoire.

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