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Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones – Adding Items and Modifying Attributes/Skills

This is a simple guide on how to add items and modify your character’s attributes/skills in game using the console commands.

Adding Items

Note that using the console command may possibly break that save, or else make the game too easy. While there are many commands, this list will focus on adding items and editing attributes/skills of your character after creation.

To access the commands, the first thing you have to do is press tilde key ~

This will bring up a small window that you input stuff in. Also note that you don’t have to type out the full line; pressing the TAB key allows it to autocomplete. If you press tab again, it will cycle through the commands with those letters. Needless to say, if there are a lot of commands, you can be at it for a long time.

Adding Cigs:
There are 2 ways to add cigs to the game. Each type requires you entering the console command as above, and the first method follows:
add_cigs X where X is a number between 1 and 499 (499 is the limit to what can be added at one time. However, you can easily enter this code multiple times).

The second method is a variation on the first and actually is how to get the other items.
add_item cigs_a_bundle_of_cigs X where X is a number between 1 and 499.

Why might you wish to use the second method? If you type up to the cigs, then press tab, the autocomplete will stay with the cigs, whereas add_cigs will then jump to the next command which is different.

General Adding Items
For the following section, adding items is quite easy. Be careful on what you add; if you add a quest item before you are supposed to access it, it could break that playthrough. If this happens, just load a previous save.

As mentioned in the cigs, the command looks as follows:
add_item Y X where Y is the item you desire, and X is the amount. Please note you need a space after add_item and after Y. If the item Y is multiple words, then it needs an underscore _ where the space would be.

Finally X has a limit between 1 to 499. So if you wish to add 40 laudanum shots, it would look like:

add_item laudanum_shot 40

As you can see, most of the items are listed as they appear in game. You can run into issues with bullets as many use a period before a number. In this case, put an underscore _ in lieu of the period

So if you wanted 100 .22 ammunition, it would look like:
add_item _22_ammunition 100

Other ammo includes:

The list of useful items can be quite extensive, but I lack the time to compile one here.

If you just want kerosene, you may wish to use kerosene_canister but I’m not sure. If you wish to have empty containers, then use can_of_kerosene.

Modifying Attributes/Skills

Character Editing:
The console command allows you to edit your character’s attributes and skills. However, be careful when doing this as sometimes you may add unintended conditions to your character such as schizophrenia.

To get there, access the console command as above, then type in:

From here, you can see Attributes and Skills with simple plus/minuses next to it. You can raise and lower the values at will.

Warning: Don’t raise every Skill to 10. The reason? When you gain a level, you get skill points, and thus can’t spend them if all the skills are maxed out.

Additionally, you can also alter these same values if you have any companions. If you look at the top, there are circles with pictures of your party. Click on the person you wish to adjust. When finished, simply click the X in the upper right hand corner.

Finally, you can’t add/remove Perks or Angst from this screen.

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