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Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones – Spells & Enchancements

All spells, full description and enchancements.

Spells & Enchancements

Evil Eye

  • Cost: 3 AP/5 SP
  • Range: Caster’s vision
  • Effect: The target takes -2 on all actions and its Critical Failure Chance is doubled
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: Casters Will in rounds.
  • Complications: If the caster suffers from Paranoia, there is a chance the spell will target the caster’s strongest ally instead of enemy.
  • Enchancement (Green): The target Action points are also reduced by 3 for the duration of the spell.

Tongue of the Dead

  • Cost: 3 AP/5 SP
  • Range: Touch
  • Effect: In exploration the spell grants conversation chance with suitable corpses.
  • In combat, awakened corpse inflicts sanity damage to the surrounding allies who hear tongue of the dead.
  • The spell needs to be in a Quickspell slot in order to be cast in exploration.
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: Instant (combat)
  • Complications: The returned spirit may not always be friendly towards the caster.
  • Enchancement (Yellow): The sanity cost of the spell is cancelled out in combat.
  • My note: main source of Black ectoplasm.

Children of Pazuzu

  • Cost: 7 AP/5 SP/1 Ration
  • Range: Caster’s Will in hexes.
  • Effect: The swarms infesting the targets inflict damage to their hosts each turn and cause sanity loss due to panic. The swarms have a chance to spread to adjacent characters.
  • Initial damage: 3 + (Spellcraft/2)
  • Swarm physical damage: 3-6/round
  • Swarm sanity damage: 3-4/round
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: Occult/2
  • Complications: Swarms spread to other combatants, whether they are enemies or allies.
  • Enchancement (Yellow): The swarms gnaw for higher damage and inflict disease state.
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Blood circle

  • Cost: 8 AP/5 SP/10 HP
  • Range: Self
  • Effect: After completing the ritual, as long as the caster stay inside the circle, the magical field absorbs a considerate amount of damage (Will x 2 + Occult x 3) and grants the caster +2 PHY Def. untill destroyed.
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: The circle lasts untill it is destroyed or the caster leaves the hex of the ritual circle.
  • Complications: The casters own blood must be spilled to complete the ritual.
  • Enchancement (Yellow): The power of the protective circle is enchanced.

Spit of Al Razi

  • Cost: 5 AP/10 SP
  • Range: Caster’s Physique in hexes.
  • Effect: The character spit acidic salive for direct damage, which is followed by some small corrosive damage, if the target has living tissue.
  • Initial damage: (Spellcraft/2) + (2-4)
  • Corrosive damage: 1-3/round for 3 rounds
  • Impotent: Caster deals only the initial damage, which is reduced to 1/2 of the actual score.
  • Duration: Special.
  • Complications: If the caster fails an Agility check, she takes a small amount of corrosive damage herself.
  • Enchancement (Red): The spit now hits a seven hex wide area.
  • My note: (1-10) Agility = (10-100)% chance not to take self-damage.

Gaze of the Abyss

  • Cost: 4 AP/7 SP
  • Range: Self
  • Effect: The caster gains bonus of +2 to Senses, +2 to Firearms and +4 to Spot checks.
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: Caster’s Will in rounds.
  • Complications: The caster enters Bleeding state after the spell fades and their vision will become restricted.
  • Enchancement (Green): Fully unlocks the bestiary entries of the encountered enemies in a battle scenario.
  • My note: Helps pass Investigation checks and to Spot items.
  • In difficulty to pass checks: +1 Stat seems to have same effect as +1 Skill it corresponds to.
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Host of Loa

  • Cost: 4 AP/5 SP/8 HP (Target)
  • Range: On Self or Ally (Caster’s Vision)
  • Effect: The host becomes immune to all psychological conditions, attracts most of the enemy aggression, gains +2 damage and +5% Critical Success chance on attacks.
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: 1-3 turns + 1 extra turn for each 2 points in Occult.
  • Complications: If the host fails Will check, the Loa will become enraged, attacking friend and foe alike.
  • Enchancement (Yellow): The host of the Loa is now granted 4 more Action points.

Night Walk

  • Cost: 20 AP/10 SP (Self)
  • Range: Party
  • Effect: The caster gains immunity to enviromental hazards and recieves +10 bonus to
  • Stealth checks.
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: 3 minutes.
  • Complications: The character enters Exhaustion state.
  • Enchancement (Not Green, Yellow or Red): ?

Daeva’s Birth

  • Cost: 5 AP/10 SP
  • Range: 5 hexes
  • Effect: Should the combatant who is damaged by this spell die, the incarnated Daeva will be born and cause great damage to whoever is nearest. It can be cast on an ally as well.
  • Initial damage: 4-6
  • Secondary damage: Spellcraft x 3
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: Instant.
  • Complications: Newly born Daeva may strike the caster or the ally.
  • Enchancement (Red): Enchanced damage for the initial strike of the spell.

Damnation to Stone

  • Cost: 4 AP/10 SP
  • Range: Touch
  • Effect: Petrified enemies can not make any moves and have decreased Physical Defence. If the petrified target takes damage equal to or higher than its maximum health / 3, it shatters and dies. Some enemies are immune to this effect.
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: 2 rounds.
  • Complications: The caster’s hands are petrified as well.
  • Enchancement (Green): It is now considerably easier to shatter petrified enemies.
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Hand of Nergal

  • Cost: 5 AP/10 SP
  • Range: Self
  • Effect: The Hand of Nergal viciously strikes the target with +4 attack bonus and 6-12 physical damage.
  • Impotent: N/A
  • Duration: 3 rounds.
  • Complications: If the caster doesnt shed blood periodically while the spell is in effect, the hand will restrict the caster’s actions and deal damage.
  • Enchancement (Red): The hand now also decreases the Physical Defence and Physical Resistance of a successfuly hit target.

Fetish (for Enchancement):

  • Yellow: Junk fetish (from Lunatics), Amelia’s Pearls (7 from quest), Black ectoplasm (Dead bodies)
  • Green: Dream Jade (Trader)
  • Red: Ghoul Tissue sample (Ghouls), Flesh Devourer’s Heart (Boss)
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