Subnautica PS4 Console Commands

Subnautica PS4 Console Commands

Enter your world at the start of the game and then press Square+ X + R1 + L1 simultaneously to display the ‘Dev Console’ screen. Then enter one of the following codes (without the quotes) to activate the corresponding effect.

Note: when you leave the game ALL cheats will be disabled.

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ALL Blueprints Unlocked:
Enter ‘allblueprints’

Free Useful Items:
Enter ‘madloot’

Enter ‘nodamage’

No Crafting or Building Costs:
Enter ‘nocost’

No Radiation:
Enter ‘radiation’

Spawn Cyclops:
Enter ‘sub cyclops’

Spawn Seamoth:
Enter ‘spawn seamoth 1’

Teleport to Safety:
Enter ‘warpme’

Unlimited Oxygen:
Enter ‘oxygen’

Faster Building:
Enter ‘fastbuild’

Spawn Indicated Item:
Enter ‘tem (name) (amount)’

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