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Sunless Skies Achievements Guide

A guide on how to get the achievements of sunless skies.

Self explanatory Achievements

A New Lineage – Pass your locomotive to a new captain in your lineage. – just die or win the game then continue on the same lineage.

Unto the seventh generation – Continue a lineage to its seventh captain – Just keep dying. 7 times should do the trick.

The Garden of Heaven – discover all stations in the Reach- Stations are New Winchester, Magdelenes, Lustrum, Port Prosper, Port Avon, Hybras, Polmear and Plentys Circus, Leadbeater and Stainrods Nature Reserve, Titania, Carillon, and Traitors Wood (the summerset camp).

The Clockwise Kingdom – Discover all stations in Albion. Stations are London, The Brabazon Workworld, The clockwork sun (very impressive), The Most Serene Mausoleum, The Floating Parliament, The Royal Society, The Avid Horizon, Perdurance (make sure you got a ticket), and Worbury Juxta Mare.

The Districts of the Dead – discover all stations in the Blue Kingdom- Stations are Sky Barnet, Deaths Door, The White Well, and The Forge of Souls.

The Midnight Groves – discover all stations in Eleutheria- stations are Pan, Caduceus, The House of Rods and Chains, Piranesi, Eagles Empyrean, Langley Hall and Achlys.

A Whistle Stop Tour – visit all four regions with a single captain- The Transit Relay to Albion is next to port prosper, you need a ministry-stamped ticket or two barrels of unseasoned hours to get through.

The Eleutherian Relay is near Hybras and you need (I think) 800 sovereigns to buy a permanent ticket and then a savage secret each time you travel. To get back to the Reach from Eleutheria you need 3 munitions or 200 bucks.

The Blue Kingdom relay is right by New Winchester and it seems to be broken until a certain point in the game (not sure when that is). I recently went there and it was repaired and I needed a ministry stamped ticket or something else that I forgot to get through.

Who are you in the Dark? – Advance a captain to level 20- Just play the game. You get lots of experience from progressing your ambition and completing questlines.

A Full Complement – Appoint a full complement of officers, including a Mascot. <-Do that. Just hire every officer you see. The zoo achievement will get into where to find every mascot.

Victory Achievements

The Simpler Ones

A Comforable Retirement – Retire to a grand mansion with a hoard to make a dragon envious. – Haven’t done this ambition, but I assume you just get a buttload of cash, buy a mansion and fill it with fancy expensive stuff.

Writ Upon the Sky – Retire to a life of fame having written the Song of the Sky- just play the game and you’ll be golden for this one. I was able to complete the book after only exploring the Reach and Albion so I dont recommend finishing it immediately because it will end your game.

The Mind-Searing Ones

The Stars are Dying – Learn the secret that the stars, hide and find a way to survive the consequences. – No idea I plan to do this ambition and I wish to completely avoid any spoilers on the questline.

Idylls of the King – Complete the quest for the Martyr-King’s Cup – A secret ambition that is unlocked for future captains once you have completed the short and seemingly incomplete questline about the Dismal Chamberlain in The Most Serene Mausoleum (I think). I also have not done the actual ambition and wish to avoid all spoilers.

“Death” Achievements

All of these achievements require you to die. You could die and restart the game or you could just close the game without saving and reload at the last port. I mean, who really wants to die in the blue kingdom. hehehe…

Off the Rails – Succumb to your Terror. Just get your terror to 100 and die to one of the events that pops up (or maybe you just need to have 100 terror, I don’t remember).

Lose Yourself – Be consumed by our nightmares- get your nightmares to 4 and i assume you just die. Haven’t done this one yet but you raise your nightmares by having high terror and choosing to gain nightmares on some of the events.

All Shall be Well – Have 0 crew, 0 fuel, 0 supplies and terror of 90 or more. I love this one. Just start a new captain, give 5 of your crew to lustrum, stock up on fuel and supplies then sail around the reach with 3 or so crew losing them to events and other things while your terror builds up. Once you have 0 crew and high terror just jettison all that fuel and supplies and all shall be well.

This Service Will Terminate Here – Fly your locomotive beyond Death’s Door and there meet your end. Go to Deaths Door in the blue kingdom and fly beyond it. Then pick the option that lets you attack death itself. Definitely the most badass way to go.

All other Achievements

A Soul the Devil Wouldn’t Touch – posses a soul devoid of redeeming qualities. To get this one, you need all of the soul flaws. I believe every captain starts with two of them, check under the profile tab.

Curdled – mingling with the west enders at port prosper and sucking up to them. Dont know if you can get this one any other way.

Stained can be acquired at Carillon by turning in the devil with the rose colored gloves and asking the presiding deviless about the nature of souls. If missed this opportunity I believe that you can also get stained at the end of the brazen brigade quest. Cold (I believe) can be gotten in Piranesi. I think you need to ignore some weird slimy thing begging for help.

Fermented – commingle with the choir at the house of rods and chains. I believe you also get this by taking Mr blemysomethings mark in the house of rods and chains.

Clear – Blow up blythes ship (the parzival), or entering achyls and not joining the immediate fight.

Flickering – Find the spirifier in Carrilon, then blackmail and betray him. You can also get this by finding the crossroads of discovery in Eleutheria and later refusing to pay the price. You lose two hearts so I dont recommend this option.

Lightless – Similar to above find the crossroads of discovery and pay the Chrysasomething price which is 7 vision of the heavens. I believe I got it by running out of time in the brabazon workworld tour.

You can also get Flickering, Clear, Lightless and Stained by getting imprisoned in Piranesi. Info above may not be completely accurate but its the best I got so far.

A true Tackety – become a hero to the tacketies- just give your port reports to the guy in victory hall. Youll get hero status fast.

A Staunch Stovepipe – Become a valued agent of the Windward company- turn your Reach port reports to the guy in the company house. Just be a♥♥♥♥♥♥

Fortunes of War – upset the balance of power in the Reach. – Give enough power to either the tacketies or the stovepipes until one of them is kicked out of New Winchester.

Blythe Spirits – Decide the Fate of Percy Blythe- Go to the wreck of the Parzival in the Reach and complete the quest there, youll get the achievement no matter what option you choose at the end.

The Black Box – Complete Captain Whitlocks Legacy. – I haven’t completed this one because I opened the box and let the thing inside disintingrate. The annoying this is that the quest doesnt restart when you start your next legacy. So I have to start a completely new game to complete the black box quest. I assume completing it entails you taking it to london and doing stuff with it there. As I said, don’t open the box before london and if you do close it fast before its ruined forever.

An Enemy of all Gods – Anger all Sky Gods at once – hahahahahaa lol dumb gods. You need to anger the waste waif, the burrower below, and the storm that speaks. A god is angry at you if the icon has a 20 on it.

The Waste Waif can be angered by sailing off the edge of the map twice. If you do the opposite you can make her your Waste Waifu tho.

The Burrower Below can be angered by taking supplies or fuel without owing a debt at the signal stations. I believe there is also some event in the candlewind that can anger the burrower.

The storm that speaks can be angered by by entering one of the storms in Albion and failing the skill check to gain the storms attention. I believe you have to fail it 2 or 3 times to have the god angry at you.

The Flying Zoo – Have all the following scouts and mascots aboard at once: the Inadvisably Big Dog, the Perfect Pangolin, the Useless Cat, the Diffident Bat, the Star-Smitten Bat, the Intrepid Cavey and the Ratronaut.

You can get the Big dog in port prosper. If I remember, there was some street festival and i did an irons (or was it hearts?) challenge to subdue the dog.

The Pangolin can be acquired in Langley Hall. I think you had to go to the broom cupboard but it may have also been the living room. If its not there, just look around the entire house. There is an easy veils check to get the pangolin.

You can get the Cat in the well of the wolf in albion. The well should be somewhere on the edge of the map (for me it was in the northeast). The devils are complaining about some noise in the well and you can grab the cat from the abyss.

Get the Blemmigan at Port Avon by paying for its bar tab

The rest are all scouts that can be bought from Mr. Menagerie with various things that you get throughout the game. Just put all of your old scouts in the bank and gather them all in your hold when you want the achievement.

Then and back again – Return from a weft of unraveling time- Sail into one of the weird wobbly distortions of space that are around Albion. Then make it out alive.

Tradition is the Democracy of the Dead – complete the Boatmans journey. Find the wreck of the boatman in Albion and finish the quest there. The wreck of the boatman should be near The Royal Society (Or at least it was for me)

Where the Winds Wait – Launch a successful expedition into the Graveyard of Stars.- Just sail off the edge of the map and pass the skill check.

E SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN TH – Restore the Clockwork Sun to its former glory. Get the strength of the sun thing to either bright or searing (don’t remember which gets the achievement). I believe the number is either 75 or 100. Also I have no idea what the strength of the sun stat actually effects so tell me in the comments please.

Lavenders Blue, Lavenders Green – Hatch and adopt a certain lovable scamp, even if he keeps stealing your crew’s fingers and toes. No idea, haven’t done yet. Actually I have a guess that it has to do with the white well in blue kingdom but i may be wrong. don’t spoil please.

Fully armed and operational – learn the unassailable founders secret.-nice star wars episode 6 reference but i also haven’t done this one and don’t wish for spoilers.

Written by FatCatInc.

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  1. Lavenders Blue, Lavenders Green is a mascot that hatches from A Curator’s Egg. When you scavenge an egg, don’t sell it, wait for it to hatch. It can hatch all sorts of random things (crockery?), but sooner or later you should get this unsettling little fella. Had no problem making this happen in triggering this in Early Access, but I just played through an entire ambition in the release version, hatched about ten eggs and it never yet triggered.


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