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Sunset – How to Get the Distant Acquaintance Achievement

Distant Acquaintance is an achievement that some people earn handily and others stumble over. This is, in part, because it’s not enough to just do your tasks and leave, or to do everything coldly. Per the developer (as quoted in this thread), “I cannot give precise instructions but I can tell you that this achievement is unlocked when the relationship variable hits zero. Maybe that’s why it is difficult: the relationship would need to go up first and then go down (I think).”

Knowing this, and knowing the extensive steps others had laid out for successfully earning the achievement, I prepared myself for a lengthy and confusing run at getting it to pop.

Then I netted it on the third in-game day.

So, without further ado, here’s the fastest way I’m aware of to get Distant Acquaintance.

Day One (May 21st, 1972)

  • Complete all tasks warmly
  • Unpack every box and set up all the furniture
  • Fill the reflecting pool
  • Turn on every light

This has the bonus benefit of earning the Lightbringer achievement. You can follow this guide to ensure you catch all the lights.

I forgot to write in my diary today — I’m not sure if this matters, but if you want to replicate my steps exactly, skip the diary-writing.

Day Two (May 30th, 1972)

  • Complete all tasks coldly

I also wrote in my diary this day — again, I’m not sure if it matters, but if you want to replicate my steps exactly, do that diary-writing.

Day Three (June 13th, 1972)

  • Complete tasks in the office warmly (i.e., hang the poster and make a display of the gifts)
  • Clean the bar coldly
  • Close the globe in the wintergarden
  • Hang pictures in the main room coldly (i.e., in grids) x2

And again, I wrote in my diary, though I think by the time I hung the second set of pictures the achievement had popped.

That’s it! If all goes as it went for me, you should now have the achievement.

Closing Notes

I should note: This is, step-by-step, what I happened to have done before the achievement popped. I have no idea what’s actually relevant and what’s not, and I can’t guarantee that replicating these steps will net you the achievement.

I should also note: I may have set the calendar to the current date on any or all of these three days, but I honestly can’t remember if or when I did, so I left it out. I doubt it matters, but hey, may as well be thorough.

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