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Sunset Overdrive – List of Main Missions

The replay chapter list is in alphabetical order, which kinda defeats the purpose of a chapter selection menu. So here are all the main missions in chronological order.

This doesn’t include the 2 bonus missions at the moment.

List of Main Missions

Act I

1: Horror Night (unavailable for replay)
2: One Man’s Trash
3: Amp It Up
4: Amptastic
5: A Way Out
6: A New Friend
7: Bora Bora Water
8: Boo-Boo Roverdrive
9: Max’s Parents
10: Buck National vs The Apocalypse
11: Midnight Brew
12: Up in the Air

Act II

1: Big Trouble in Little Tokyo
2: It’s Me! Fizzie!
3: Hot Dog!
4: Find 4Kim
5: Hepcat’s Late-Night Special
6: Bryllcream
7: The Fall of Emperor Norton


1: To Fargarthia
2: The King’s Feast
3: Tastes Like Chicken
4: Bad Medicine
5: Ferry to Nowhere
6: The Siege of Wondertown Land
7: Floating Garbage
8: A Hero’s Duty

Act IV

1: Last Catrinas
2: Awesomesmithing
3: Getting the Band Back Together
4: Concertpocalypse
5: This Ends Here

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