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SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE Meat Recipe Level (Act 1 Flavour)

Tips for beating Meat Dimension Recipe level (and the bee version!). This level needs a nerf, so until then take a hint!

SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE Meat Recipe Level (Act 1 Flavour)

If you’re not sure how the level works:

The goal is to complete a series of recipes for Peater.

  • Playing music will cause ingredients to pop out of the giant eyes at the top.
  • You can press the green button at the top near each eye to cycle which ingredient that eye produces. Salt > Chili > Sugar
  • The ingredients you create need to be picked up and deposited in the holes on the right to match the recipe.
  • Once the recipe is ready, pulling the green lever will submit it!
  • Your combo bucket charges up an overdrive bar in the top left. When this is full you can pull it to temporarily boost the speed of ingredient production. Make sure to play the music after you trigger it!

3 Star Guide

Here are extra tips to help you get three stars.

  • The first recipe will always be all salt, so hop straight into the rhythm game the moment it starts.
  • From here recipes vary, so keep an eye on what ingredients you need and make sure to use the green buttons to change what ingredient each dispenser is producing.
  • Try not to overproduce for the next few recipes as the wind will kick up between each one and blow your ingredients into the hole! Producing too many ingredients will waste time you could be spending on the next recipe.
  • Use your bean trumpet speed boost if you have unlocked it, it makes going back and forth much faster. Just be careful not to kick things into the hole!
  • Make sure you make good use of the overdrive meter throughout the level. Your combo will slowly fill it up, then once triggered you will get a big boost to your production speed. This is best used by setting up which ingredients you want before you pull the lever, then once you pull it get straight into the rhythm dock!
  • The best time to use overdrive is at the start of a new recipe, and particularly ones where it needs a lot of one ingredient type.
  • You should aim for 2 good uses of the overdrive in the level to get 3 stars
  • Sugar cubes are the least likely ingredient to roll around, so if your recipe involves sugar, it may be best to produce it on the left eye, nearest to the hole!
  • When the wind kicks up and pulls all your ingredients away, try to grab one and hold onto it for the next recipe.

Single player mode is particularly difficult as you have to do everything yourself. Here are some extra tips for single player:

  • In one player mode, the first two recipes require 6 salt and 2 chilli’s, so produce exactly this amount and hand them all in!
  • After recipe 5 is complete the hole will close in single player. So feel free to overproduce a variety of ingredients here, as you can use them to complete the rest of the level.

Super Nectar Challenge

When you return to this level with the bee, you get a slightly different challange. This can be very tough, especially alone.

There are a few differences here:

  1. The ingredients you create don’t come out right away, they get stored in balloons until they pop.
  2. The balloons will eventually pop by themselves, but you’ll want to ask Bizzle the bee to pop them manually by using your pan ability on the bell at the top.
  3. The music will pause for a period after each balloon pop, which is longer if there are more ingredients inside the balloons. This buys you extra time to deposit.
  4. Green minims spawn after every time the balloon is popped, so be ready for that.

Here are some tips for completing this tricky challenge:

  • The key is not to overproduce ingredients. Since you can’t see what’s coming out, you need to make sure not to leave it too long before you pop the balloons. If you create too many, you’re likely wasting time as these ingredients will fall down the hole anyway.
  • The overdrive lever is very powerful here, so making sure you trigger it at a good time will mean you can play briefly and then quickly pop the balloons again and do another recipe.
  • Popping the balloons quite often means you get more time, because you stop the music more often. This also helps to prevent you from producing too much waste.
  • You can change which ingredient is being produced while filling up a balloon. E.g. if your recipe requires all three ingredients then you can set the eyes to salt and chili, play some music, then switch both eyes over to sugar and produce a bit more, then pop the balloons and you’ll have some of all three.
  • If the rhythm isn’t much trouble for you, then you can attempt to count the numbers produced by glancing at the progress bars on the producers.
  • If it’s tight at the end, try triggering the pop just before the song ends. You might just have enough ingredients in there to finish things off!
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