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Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Jigglypuff Moves List and Outfits

Lock is a very significant part of some players’ arsenal, so her pick rate might have an increment due to this, although even if you are not familiar with lock, you still can try out what she has to offer.


Unfortunately, no official reveals for Jigglypuff’s alternate costumes have been announced yet, but she might possibly come in different colors.

Moves List and Combos

Both Jigglypuff’s top speed and her dash speed have been improved. Her Jab 2 has more knockback, further differentiating its use from Jab 1. Forward and Up Smash do slightly more damage.

She uses the same special attacks as Smash 4 i.e. Rollout, Pound, Sing, and Rest as well as her final smash called Puff up. All her special moves have received some types of buffs.

Roll out deals more damage and its rebound animation is faster with greatly reduced endlag.

Pound has reduced endlag when used in the air, allowing for true combos into other moves including Rest and makes it slightly more useful for recovering.

Sing has reduced endlag. When Rest hits, it is now interruptible as soon as Jigglypuff opens its eyes. Puff Up now has a second, shockwave-like hitbox at the climax of the move.

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