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Superflight: Achievement Guide and Seeds

A full guide to all the achievements of Superflight as well as seeds for achievements and combos.

Table Of Contents

  • General Achievements
  • Praise Achievements
  • Point Achievements
  • Seeds

General Achievements

Spread Your Wings
Spread Your Wings is by far the easiest achievement in the game with the simple requirement of run a single playthrough of the game.

With no map being infinite of Superflight, once you reach the bottom you will fall into a new generated map. To earn this achievement simply fly to the bottom of the loaded map to begin a new stage.

The Cake Was A Lie!
Falling through the bottom of the map is not the only way to load a new map. Throughout each map purple, portals consisting of small shifting blocks exist and when passed through they add 1000 points to your score as well as load you into a new map. To get this achievement simply pass through one of those portals.

One of the main features of Superflight is the ability to generate maps based on seeds, with each seed loading a specific map allowing players to save and share their favourite maps. To unlock this achievement, open the maps tab and press on Create a Map. From there you can enter any values to create a seed and your own map.

9 Lives
9 lives can be achieved by crashing a total of 50 times which will most likely be achieved within the first 30 minutes of playing for most newcomers. If you find that you have been playing for a while and have not yet received this achievement I congratulate you and suggest you run a few crash courses to unlock it.

Just One More Time…
Similar to the 9 Lives achievement this one is also obtained by crashing but 150 times as opposed to the 50 before.

Please Stop It
Once again an achievement rewarding you for failing at the game a total of 300 times. I’m sure any of you who play the game will have no problem screwing up this bad.

The explorer achievement is another one of those that can be unlocked through playing the game. The requirement for said achievement is to play through 25 different maps which can be loaded through either seeds, by falling to the bottom or by passing through portals.

Did you enjoy exploring the first 25 maps, well explore another 25 for a total of 50 to unlock this achievement.

Call Me Dora
As hard as you may try you will never reach the end of all the available maps to play but you can reach 100 maps which will earn you this achievement. Since most people can’t count past 100 you can say you’ve pretty much seen all the maps at this point.

Flying Monk
Unlike the past achievements this one does not require any playing at all. To unlock this achievement open up the settings and under the Gameplay tab check off Zen Mode. This will remove all point counters and allow for a more relaxed experience.

Psycho (Hidden Achievement)
Similar in method to the Flying Monk, the Psycho achievement is unlocked by going into the Gameplay settings of the game and inverting the x and y axis of the controls by checking the respective boxes.

Praise Achievements

Close Call
Of the praises that you can get Close Call is probably the easiest with its premise being almost ♥♥♥♥ up but don’t. In other words you can unlock this achievement by going super close to a wall and surviving.

Not Bad…
The Not Bad achievement is really quite simple, just do something that’s mildly cool, specifically something that involves you passing in between two walls that are fairly close to you.

Welcome to the Olymp!
The final and hardest praise to get is the Godlike praise which requires you to pass through an area just large enough for the flyer to pass through but small enough that with the slightest misplay the player crashes. For examples of seeds which make the achievement easy see the Seeds section of this guide.

This achievement requires you to get all three praises in one run and while it may seem really challenging at most times if you achieve the Godlike praise you get the other two as well making the achievement fairly simple. Should you get a godlike without achieving both of the others either restarting or flying through a few loops will most likely unlock this achievement.

Point Achievements

The beginner achievement really is a simple one with an easy requirement of gaining 5,000 points in a run which may seem quite trivial but apparently ~9% of those that have played the game are incapable of even that.

Rising Star
Much like the Beginner achievement you must attain at set amount of points in a single run, more specifically 10,000 points.

Despite this achievement claiming you’re an expert you probably aren’t even in the top 50,000 scores by ranking making the achievement questionable at best but it requires total of 20,000 points. You can tell all your friends who don’t play the game that you’re an expert though, they probably don’t know any better.

Get a Life…
Just like the last 3 achievements this one requires you to acquire a set amount of points in a single run. 40,000 to be specific. This is a respectable amount so feel free to give yourself a pat on the back.

C to the OMBO!
If you haven’t gotten this achievement I seriously question what you consider to be fun. This one can be obtained by passing through just about any hole or just gliding next to a wall for a few seconds. To not get this achievement you have to spend your time flying at the bottom of the map consistently.

Another one of those point achievements but with a spin. This one requires a 5,000 point combo with the easiest way to get this being to fly super close to a surface giving you the praise Close Call which makes up for 80% of the combo and the points from just flying will make up for the remaining 20%

This achievement requires a variety of hacks as well as programming to hack the game to unlock. Or you can simply get a 10,000 point combo which can be easily attained by unlocking the Godlike praise. For more info on how to unlock the praise see the achievement and Seeds section.

Gettin’ Greedy…
This achievement will come naturally and requires to lose a 10,000 point streak. You guys should have no problem getting a streak of 10,000 by going for Godlike praises and even less trouble ♥♥♥♥ing it up completely. Cheers!


Seeds are what allow each user to generate maps to their liking as well as share maps they enjoy with the community. Each map has an individual seed consisting of a set of characters. Below will be seeds to help unlock certain achievements as well as to start off basic combos.

This seed provides a set of tunnels on the immediate right ans well as a follow up loop giving you an easy 15K-20K points per start.

The following seed provides a very easy set up for the Godlike praise which requires next to no setup as the only keys you will be using are W and S. When you start off fly straight towards the red tree and simply pass under it. This can given anywhere between 25K-55K points if done correctly and all 3 praises are obtained. If not rerun the flight and try to pass as close to the flying block as possible.

This is a great seed for getting large combos and it all starts with the thin tunnel to the left. Once you pass through the tunnel you will see a chain of more possible tunnels and by passing through them all successfully you can get a nice chain going which can give up to 100K points.

This seed is used for any instance of speedrunning when trying to officially log your score. It contains an opportunity for a Godlike praise approx 10 degrees right of your starting point as well as the potential to get quick combos of around 50K by passing through the crack and then following up by flying close to surfaces.

Written by Watamelown

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