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Supermarket Simulator Tips for Beginners

Supermarket Simulator Tips for Beginners

Storage upgrade

  • Storage is nice implementation to your store. You can store items on racks and this way keep the shop looking nice!
  • Storage is not taking any other furniture but racks and boxes! (also furniture in box mode)
    Also racks can’t take furniture boxes in them.
  • One rack has 8 spots for boxes. Spot can take different amount of boxes depending box size: 27 / 6 / 2 / 2 / 1 / 1 boxes
  • After getting upgrade “section 3” to storage, you unlock the door to freely walk from store to storage! Making your refilling a lot faster and storage a lot more useful.
  • Good to know: when bought the storage, delivery will still stay outside so you have to manually move items to storage if you want to use it.
  • If you want to save money and later buy the storage: you can store items in streets like in storage but there’s no guarantees the items stay there (many say that they will stay but sometime bugs).


  • Customers complain after paying that they did not find something and when looking the items on shelf they complain about prices. So it’s good to look around time to time for complains to improve the shop!
  • If customer can’t find a product or item price is too high they will still shop around for other items (unless it was the only item they came for). Only downside is your shop experience is slowed but not halted.
    So when you buy new license, it’s not mandatory to get everything on shelf for the next days!
  • There is no penalty, at this game version, for having too long ques to registers. Customers wait until register has more space and meanwhile stay in place or move to a random spot to wait.
  • Boxes don’t have collision on customers, so be free to leave them where you want if want to!
  • Higher your store level the more customers come to visit!

Tips and info

When restocking the delivery payments are as follow:

  • 1-3 items > 2 €
  • 4-6 items > 4 €
  • 7-10 items > 8 €

So its good to buy stuff in 3, 6 or 10 sets to save the most in delivery payments.

When testing (and help of comments) about items prices few things came around:

Market price + 6 % = almost none complains.
Market price + 10 % = few complains.

So if wanted, items could be sold for 0-10 % higher than market price!

This is just one way to add more profit. in comments are few other ways, so be sure to check those if want to hear what other does!

Loans are good way to boost getting the next upgrade or items you need, but its good to notice payment time.

If you decide to pay the loan in advance, keep an eye in the payments tab. If you have paid in advance the payments are still there to be paid! This can lead to even higher cost of loan in total.

If you want to make your time at register easier: change item prices (rounding up or down) to even 0.05 €! This way you don’t need to count the coins that often and card payments are little faster.

If wanted to make it even more faster round it to closest 0.1 €.

When on register it’s possible to give too much money with cash, so be careful! Green just means its enough, but can be also too much!

When buying restocks: boxes won’t disappear from loading area, just stack. This way, you can buy a lot of items and move everything together after buying!

Time is not moving at beginning of morning so you can calmly restock and buy items before opening the shop!

The game will sometime inform you if some items are sold without price. But it’s easy to miss, so remember instantly put prices on new items!

It’s good to keep in mind that its almost guaranteed that you need to switch items locations time to time if shooting for visual perfection! (After getting new licenses to items, other need to move make room for new items)

Large items (like toilet paper, Potato…) take a lot of shelf / freezer space, so be ready to put multiple ones for one item to not get people complaining about missing items!

The computer table is movable, so if wanted you can move it elsewhere.

Good to notice if you yet haven’t: boxes can be closed again. (default key: C) This is helpful if you are not sure is the box empty, the icon on top will show if there’s something inside it!

Be careful when throwing boxes in trashcan. There is no warning if the box have items inside still!

If thinking how you want to save extra boxes of items close: fridges can hold a box on top of them! Sometimes just hard to place there.

Written by Shadow_Dragon

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