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Surviving Mars: Keyboard Controls and Bindings

There will be challenges to overcome. Execute your strategy and improve your colony’s chances of survival while unlocking the mysteries of this alien world. Are you ready? Mars is waiting for you.

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Default Keyboard Shortcuts

Tables of all the keyboard shortcuts / bindings.

CommandBinding 1Binding 2
Pan UpWUp Arrow
Pan DownSDown Arrow
Pan LeftALeft Arrow
Pan RightDRight Arrow
Rotate Camera LeftQ
Rotate Camer RightE
Pause GameSpacePause
Speed Up+Numpad +
Slow DownNumpad –
Toggle High SpeedNumpad *
Rotate Building LeftR
Rotate Building RightT
Build MenuB
Map OverviewM
Deploy Orbital ProbeX
Reset CameraHome
Resupply ScreenP
Research ScreenH
Colony OverviewO
Next DomePage Up
Previous DomePage Down
Salvage SelectedDelete
Last NotificationBackspace
Last Constructed BuildingEnd
Power CablesC
Large Solar PanelJ
Power AccumulatorK
Solar PanelN
Universal DepotU

Full List of Assignable Shortcuts

SequenceCommandBinding 1Binding 2
1Pan UpWUp Arrow
2Pan DownSDown Arrow
3Pan LeftALeft Arrow
4Pan RightDRight Arrow
5Rotate Camera LeftQ
6Rotate Camer RightE
7Pause GameSpacePause
8Speed Up+Numpad +
9Slow DownNumpad –
10Toggle High SpeedNumpad *
11Rotate Building LeftR
12Rotate Building RightT
13Build MenuB
14Map OverviewM
15Deploy Orbital ProbeX
16Reset CameraHome
18Resupply ScreenP
19Research ScreenH
20Colony OverviewO
22Next DomePage Up
23Previous DomePage Down
24Next Rover
25Previous Rover
26Salvage SelectedDelete
27Toggle Pin Selected
28Rename Selected
29Move / Interact With Target
30Load Resources
31Unload Resources
33Perform Maintenance
34Assign Residence
35Set Workplace
36Change Priority
37Turn On / Off
38Filter Colonists by Traits
39Request Maintenance
40Last NotificationBackspace
41Last Constructed BuildingEnd
42Power CablesC
47Art Workshop
48Artificial Sun
49Atomic Accumulator
50Basic Dome
51Casino Complex
52Cloning Vats
53Concrete Depot
54Concrete Extractor
55Cube Depot
56Defensive Turret
58Drone Assembler
59Drone Hub
60Dumping Site
61Electronics Depot
62Electronics Factory
63Electronics Store
65Food Depot
67Fuel Depot
68Fuel Reninery
69Fungal Farm
70Fusion Reactor
72Geodesic Dome
74Hanging Gardens
75Hydroponic Farm
78Large Monument
79Large Solar PanelJ
80Living Quarters
81Machine Parts Depot
82Machine Parts Factory
83Martian University
84MDS Laser
85Medical Center
86Medium Dome
87Mega Dome
88Mega Monument
89Metals Depot
90Metals Extractor
91Mohole Mine
92Moisture Evaporator
94Mystery Depot
95Network Node
97Omega Telescope
98Open Air Gym
99Oval Dome
100Oxygen Tank
101Pipe Valve
103Polymer Factory
104Polymer Depot
105Power AccumulatorK
106Power Decoy
107Power Switch
108Project Morpheus
109Projector Lamp
110Rare Metals Depot
111Rare Metals Extractor
112RC Explorer
113RC Rover
114RC Transport
115Recharge Station
116Research Lab
119Science Institute
120Security Station
121Sensor Tower
122Shuttle Hub
123Small Alleys
124Small Fountain
125Small Garden
126Small Monument
127Smart Complex
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