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Sven Co-op – How to individually mute other players voices

A simple guide on how to mute other players who you don’t want to hear without having to completely disable the voice feature in the options menu.


So when playing online I have noticed that some people aren’t too sure on how to mute others. This really simple guide will (hopefully) show you how to mute other players that you do not want to hear.

This guide assumes that you are using the default keyboard bindings that come with Sven coop by default. If you have changed the scoreboard key to another key then use that key to open the scoreboard instead.

What not to use for the time being

At the moment, you should not use the player list on the main menu.

As you can see the player list works but mute button does not seem to work. (It’s grayed out!) Hopefully it’ll get fixed in a future update. But for now let’s use another way to mute other players!

Muting Players

Before muting someone it’s recommended to switch to a melee weapon such as a crowbar, pipe wrench, knife or medkit to avoid wasting ammo when coming back out of the scoreboard. (The game assumes are you still holding down left click which means your weapon will fire until you left click again.)

To mute players, simply hold the TAB button down. This will bring up the scoreboard.
Then whilst still holding TAB, left click or right click once. Your mouse cursor should appear like below:

If the mouse cursor does not appear then try bringing up the main menu by pressing escape then left clicking once anywhere on the menu and then close the menu again, then try again.

With your mouse cursor, highlight and select the player you wish to mute by left clicking on their name. At the bottom left hand corner of the screen you should see this:

You may also notice they no longer have a speaker icon next to their name.

And it’s as simple as that, let go of TAB, but be warned your weapon might start firing by itself. Just left click a couple of times to stop it firing.

Unmuting Players

Just like above all you have to do is use the scoreboard to unmute players. Hold TAB to bring up the scoreboard then left click or right click to summon your mouse cursor. Then just left click on the players name that is muted to unmute them. Let go of TAB to get back to the game. And there you go you’ve unmuted someone!

Possible Problems

Below is a list of possible problems that could happen when trying to mute or unmute players.

  • Weapon fires automatically after closing scoreboard. – Simply left click to stop it from firing
  • I can’t see the offending player on the scoreboard! – Try reconnecting to the server (retry in console!), the scoreboard sometimes bugs and players sometimes disappear from it.
  • Other players are muted and I never muted them… – No known solution, unmute them if you see them muted.
  • When I mute someone, it mutes that person AND someone else at the same time – No known solution.

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