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Swag and Sorcery: How to Make Gold

Grind for resources, manage your own fantasy village, create and equip your heroes and send them to collect swag in Swag and Sorcery – a new streamlined RPG from the creators of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper.

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How to Make Gold

Gold is hard to come by in Swag & Sorcery. In the majority of RPGs, the main way of earning Gold is by killing monsters, but in Swag & Sorcery, the main way of earning Gold is by crafting and selling items. In this page, I’ll show you the best and most efficient way of doing so.

What are the most profitable items?

What decides which item is more valuable is its colour and level required. There are five different colours: Gray, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold. Gray being the least valuable and gold being the most valuable one. In addition, if an item minimum required level is high, it will also be more valuable.

Find an item that’s easy to craft from your list of available gear, with the highest colour rarity and start crafting those, then selling, but… There’s one step you can follow to improve your chances of getting high-quality gear. Go to a building and in the top, you’ll see something called ‘Craft Efficiency’, hover over it and it’ll tell you how to improve the efficiency of the building. These are tied to the character’s stat.

For example, the Magic Store’s efficiency can be improved by putting a character with high Intelligence. Find gear that increases your Intelligence, a good choice is the Master’s Cloak that will definitely increase your Intelligence. You can have up to 100% chances of crafting high-quality items. My mage character has 49 + 228 Intelligence from his gear, this allows to have a 99% chance of crafting high-quality items, and every time I craft something, I can sell it for a high price.

Gold Farming Items

There are a number of items that give you Gold every time you hit an enemy. Apply the same method explained above with characters with high stats to craft the weapons detailed below:

Massive Shotgun
Blueprint – Fashion House II 470 Gold, 11 Cocoon (Kill Dark Caterpillas in The Swamp), 5 Titanium Ingot
Stats 16-30 Physical Damage. 60-100 Stealing. Random effect.
Crafting – Hunting Lodge II 12 Maple Plank, 12 Titanium Ingot, 8 Gall Shell.

To craft Gall Shells, you need Shell and Stomach Jelly which you can get by killing monsters in The Swamp.

Space Armor
Blueprint – Fashion House II 470 Gold, 6 Bubbles (kill Toads in The Underground City), 1 All-Seeing Fabric.
Stats 24-28 Armor. 10-50 Stealing. Random Effect
Crafting – Hunting Lodge II 1 Morph Leather, 10 Stomach Jelly.

All-Seeing Fabric can be crafted in the Magic Store. You’re gonna need Chitin, which you can find in The Underground City.

Wolf’s Hat
Blueprint – Fashion House II 300 Gold, 14 Calico, 5 Maple Plank.
Stats 4-32 Armor. 2-52 Stealing. Random Effect.
Crafting – Hunting Lodge II 3 Leather for Disguises, 4 Solid Root.

You’re gonna need Maple Logs to craft Maple Planks, those can be found in The Swamp, Hotsprings and Underground City. Calico can be found on the Swamp and Underground City. Leather for Disguises can be crafted in the Hunting Lodge II and you’ll need Morph Leather and Black Bile which can be found in the Hot Springs.

With all these items together, you can steal up to 202 Gold per hit.

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