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Swarmlake – How to Get 10,000 Easy

I played 9 hours before finally realizing an easy method that got me not just 10,000, but 13,000 in my first attempt.

It involves you wrapping your head around the fact that those crazy swarmers are as described by the developer: not random meaning they have a pattern…

Steps of 10k

the method involves the following steps

  1. Play around until you get 100 or something
  2. Walk forward until screen starts shaking, that’s when they’re right behind you
  3. Jump and go back, double or triple jump if necessary, just go all the way back behind the swarm
  4. Try collecting any pink bombs, which will help you with farming those sweet green gems
  5. Walk forward again and repeat the process until you lose.
  6. Remember not to look back, you might panic and lose your play, just keep repeating and trust me you will see 10,000 easily

Watch me get 10,000+


Written by 3abdoh

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