Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – How to Get Flying Jets for House Upgrade

This guide will help you upgrade your house fast and easy if you have the right equipment.

How to Get Flying Jets for House Upgrade

To get the flying jets in the new dungeon you dont have clear everything. When you enter the room with droid summoner kill the little droid on the left first and then the summoner,after that jump off the platform to the left and run to room with 2 doors. If you did everything right then insted of 2 heavy copies there will be a big spider robot. Kill it and enter the room with 2 flying robot snipers.

One of them is a boss with lasers and a regular one with gatling. Kill the one with the gatling off and continue to kill the boss. The best way to defeat them is to stand neat to a collum on the left. It will save you from lasers. Take 2 healers with res if you will have some troubles with them. Kill them 2 times and you will have 3 jets to upgrade your house.

Note: New Dungeon = In the devils cave

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