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Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Lisbeth’s Rarity 6 Crafting

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Lisbeth’s Rarity 6 Crafting

For players who want to know what they can get before they throw materials into crafting.

Crafting Basics

To access Lisbeth’s Weapon Crafting, you need 3,000,000 Cor and a bunch of materials. Try to avoid using Ores unless they’re already overcapping when selecting materials as they can also be used for Enhancement, while Stones, Trade Items and drops are all fair game.

If you want to ‘reroll’ an item (since there’s only a 50% chance of getting each weapon per type), your savegames are in (by default) C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata[Your steam ID]638650remotesavedata. In that path you’ll see 00, 01, 02 etc folders that indicate your save files. For the game to even access it the slot must not be blank, so create new files for each of those slots first, then after that you can copy an existing folder and rename it into the number for the desired slot so that you can access it when loading the game.

The stats for the weapons below should be the ‘base’ stats that get loaded even if you don’t input any materials of its affix type, and your material input will add stats to these. There’s a chance I screwed up some of the base stats with affixes since it’s not necessarily easy to tell, but the names and special effects should be correct. Also, for each pair, the more offensive weapon (in terms of weapon damage, affixes and special effect) should be the first.


Damage type: Blunt.
Primary scalers: Agility and Vitality.
All sword skills have Super Armor.
The only Blunt focus weapon, and one of the only weapons that scales from Vitality. You’ll use Lisbeth a lot because of the number of Crush-weak bosses and the lack of any other main heroine who uses it.

Photon Hammer: XP Smasher:
Attack +55
Dexterity +25
Accuracy +40
Extra Auto-attacks

Ambitious Juggernaut:
Defense +60
Agility +20
Evasion +30
Max HP up


Damage type: Slashing.
Primary scalers: Dexterity and Strength.
Only 2 sword skills (both AoE) have Super Armor.
Particularly good in OSS chains against bosses as the small number of hits means you basically lose no damage from after the OSS initiation points, but suicidal to use against large numbers of mobs due to the lack of AoE and Super Armor skills.

Avidya Samsara Blade:
Attack +65
Dexterity +30
Accuracy +15
Critical Rate Up

Marginless Blade:
Attack +90
Strength +10
Accuracy -50
Ignores Defense


Damage type: Piercing.
Primary scalers: Agility and Dexterity.
Only three skills have Super Armor, of which two are AoE. A third AoE skill has no Super Armor.
Your general-use Piercing weapon.

Championfoil: Radiant Chariot:
Attack +40
Defense -50
Dexterity +25
Accuracy +35
True Strike

Glimmerspine: Silver Bullet:
Accuracy +50
Evasion +45
Max HP Up


Damage type: Slashing (except one skill is Blunt because you punch with it for some reason).
Primary scalers: Strength.
Only two skills lack Super Armor, both of which scale with Dexterity.
Mastery (1000 points) is required to unlock Katana sword skills.
Pretty terrible weapon, think of it as the weaker version of the 2H sword.

Crescentblade: Original Sin:
Attack +60
Agility +10
Accuracy +5
Evasion +45
Critical Rate Up

Notes’ End Trinity:
Agility +25
Evasion +80
Reflects Damage

Two-handed Swords

Damage type: Slashing.
Primary scalers: Strength, Agility and Vitality.
All skills except the Ultimate are AoE and have Super Armor.
Your general-use Slashing mob farm weapon.

Ogreblade: Over the Cross:
Attack +70
Dexterity +15
Accuracy +35
Evasion -40
Attack Up On Stunning Enemies

Deliverer: Majestic Lord:
Defense +65
Agility +15
Evasion +10
HP Regeneration


Damage type: Slashing.
Primary scalers: Vitality and Strength.
All skills have Super Armor, only three skills are AoE.
Extremely easy to use due to Super Armor for beginners, but inferior to Katanas for bossing and inferior to 2H swords for mob use. One of the only weapons that scales from Vitality.

Dictator’s Punisher:
Attack +80
Strength +35
Dexterity +5
Attack Up

Hecatomb Axe: Giga Disaster:
Defense +50
Strength +5
Accuracy -20
Ignore Defense


Damage type: Piercing.
Primary scalers: Dexterity and Agility.
4 skills have Super Armor, only one skill is AoE.
The anti-boss piercing weapon when used with OSS chains, and also the most common weapon for the heroines to use – which is good, because the lack of AoE means they’re less likely to draw aggro and die.

Eldark Radius Sigma:
Attack +40
Defense -30
Dexterity +25
Accuracy +55
HP Regeneration

Ingurgitator: Belzericht:
Strength +5
Agility +20
Evasion +55
Attack Up On Stunning Enemies


Damage type: Piercing.
Primary scalers: All skills scale off all stats. This is where you dump your excess ores for upgrades.
All skills are AoE, three skills lack Super Armor.
Your general-use Piercing mob farm weapon, but as its AoE are harder to place, people usually just unlock the skill tree at 1000 to accelerate sword skills to farm with 2H swords instead.

Godslayer: Tattered Hope:
Attack +60
Strength +20
Accuracy +40
Sword Skill Damage Up

Heavenslance: Elpis Order:
Defense +55
Dexterity +5
Evasion +40
HP Regeneration


Damage type: Slashing.
Primary scalers (One handed): A few skills scale from each stat.
Three skills lack Super Armor, only two skills are AoE.
Primary scalers (Dual wielding): Dexterity and Agility.
Five skills lack Super Armor, only two skills are AoE.

A certain level of proficiency is required to unlock Scimitar skills, mastery is required to unlock 2H sword skills. Otherwise, due to scaling from different stats, is ironically the worst weapon class in the game when not dual-wielded even though the game is named after it.

Variable V Vice:
Attack +55
Strength +60
Accuracy -50
Critical Rate Up

Liberator: Astral Legion:
Defense +100
Evasion +45
HP Regeneration

Damage Formula and Statistics

For comparing weapon damage, the damage dealt by a sword skill is as follows:

Skill multiplier * [Damage + Strength + ∑(Attribute% * Number of points in attribute / 10)]

So if you had a weapon with 1000 damage, you have 300 strength, 200 dexterity and 200 agility, a sword skill with the attributes (Dex +40%, Agi + 140%) will deal:

Multiplier * [1000 + 300 + (40*200/10) + (140*200/10)] = 4900 Multiplier damage, of which more than half comes from Agility.

Or to put it another way, all sword skills have a base 10% Strength scaling by default, so it’s never worthless, but it won’t work as well as the actual stats the skills scale from.

The other attributes scale as follows:

Strength: Also increases Attack by 1 per 2 points
Vitality: Increases Defense by 1 per 2 points
Agility: Increases Evasion by 1 per 2 points
Dexterity: Increases Accuracy by 1 per 2 points

Finally, Evasion only works if you don’t have a Shield equipped, otherwise the only way to get the Miss effect is to perfect dodge. So if you’re using a one-handed weapon that doesn’t have Super Armor on critical sword skills, you might want to avoid using a shield, while if you’re using a weapon that has Super Armor on everything anyway, the free hand method is easier for trash (since they often can’t hit you anyway) and the shield method is easier for bosses (since they will hit you anyway).

Written by Hayashi

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