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SYNCED The Automat

This guide will explain how to get and use the automat.

SYNCED The Automat

The Automat is Synced’s gacha machine in which you trade automat coins for random guntech weapons.

When you first start out, you will get a feature unavailable message when trying to access the automat, but all you really need to do to unlock it is to complete Dead Sector 08 “Birontech Labyrinth” in PVE.

After you’ve unlocked the automat, earning automat coins is pretty straightforward. You can exchange shillings which are earned regularly through various means and component shards from decomposed guntech components for automat coins.

You might ask what the difference is between automat coins and limited automat coins. The normal coins are for the standard automat prize pool, and the limited ones are for the limited time prize pools. I have no knowledge of limited coins being limited time and disappearing, for they’re only limited in their use in the automat.

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