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Synthetik Cheats & Secret Codes

A list of special codes given by the developers that can be used during solo runs to spice things up or to unlock weapons for free.

Synthetik Cheats

Hey hey people!

This is a list of known one time use codes that can be used during a solo run to spice things up, or can be used on the main menu to unlock things. If you’d like to unlock the Tec-9 you’ll have to go to synthetikgame.com, sign up for the newsletter, then type the code you receive in your email in the global chat. If you can’t find your code, check your spam folder.

All codes below are case sensitive and must be typed all caps and with a / in front.

Secret Codes

1-) One Time Use Codes (Main Menu) (Both of these do the same thing, but it’s best if you use one as early as possible so you don’t accidentally spend data on the weapon unlock.)

  • /NOTROBOCOP – Permanently unlocks the Auto-9/45 pistol for all classes for free.
  • /CYBERPOLICE945 – Permanently unlocks the Auto-9/45 pistol for all classes for free.

2-) One Time Use Codes (At the beginning of a solo run)

Note: Using these codes gives you a status effect of the following: Reduced healing, reduced shields, increased terror level.

  • /ARNIE – Gives you the M79 Terminator (Single shot grenade launcher).
  • /MALLNINJA – Replaces starting items with two Z1 Sundering Shurikens.
  • /ZZSSHH – Replaces starting items with a Maverick MKV and two Sidewinders.
  • /ADDICT – Replaces starting items with a bunch of Unidentified Potions and a Refresher.
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The developers release new codes often so I’ll try and keep the list updated as they’re found or released. Shrike has also mentioned that these codes could get reset in the future so that you can use them more than once.

Written by Reborn

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