Beholder 2 Minigames Walkthrough (1st & 12th Floor)

Here’s the Appeals minigame full walkthrough. 12th Floor Minigame on he 12th floor can be misleading. Actually, it’s very simple. Legend: ! – Complaint i – Information x – Denunciation ? – Request PRESS You need to find your ministry and form 1) If Minstry & Form = Your Ministry & Form >Select the stamp with the right icon. … Read more

Beholder 2 The Appeals Full Walkthrough

Beholder 2 - The Appeals Full Walkthrough

Here’s the Appeals minigame full walkthrough. The Appeals Full Walkthrough Complaint – Order 1) Someone at 8 Krushvice Street is always breaking one of the lamps! On behalf of all the tenants, we ask you to resolve this problem! 2) Unknown persons have desecrated my shed! 3) Someone has graffitied the walls of our building! … Read more

Beholder 2 Biometric Safe Locations

Biometric safes are scattered throughout the ministry and it’s your job to find them all. There are 23 biometric safes in total; 8 found on Floor 1, another 8 on Floor 12, and the last 7 on Floor 25. Information on your father (out of 21) are also found within these safes. They are also … Read more

Beholder 2 The Appeals Game V1.0

This guide is a basic walkthrough for those who have trouble understanding the Appeals Minigame within Beholder 2. This is a port over from my guide in the beta with updated info. Appeal Types Request For the request type it is very straight forward, If someone is requesting something. Example “Hello I know how to … Read more

Beholder 2 Achievement Guide

Beholder 2 - 100% Achievement Guide

Beholder 2 Achievement Guide Guide on how to obtain every achievements in the game. Team Building (Be killed by a colleague) – Its very easy. The easiest way is to agree to help Marco Legrand pranking quest then refuse and insult him and then destroy him with words. The World Fairest Court (Get arrested) – Maybe the … Read more

Beholder 2 Ending Based Achievements

These achievements are rewarded based on what ending you’ve received. Save just before you choose which ending you want to get multiple ending achievements in one run. Most endings will require you to have Heimdall codes found within biometric locks scattered throughout the ministry. There are 250 codes in all. 8 biometrics safes are found … Read more

Beholder 2 Endings Guide

Beholder 2 - Endings Guide

For each ending you will need Heimdall codes inside Biometric Safe’s if you have all (250) you can get every ending. Beholder 2 Endings Guide Dog In The Manger (Destroy the repeaters) – You will need 50 Heimdall codes Our Savior (Sacrifice yourself) – You will need 0 Heimdall codes Happiness for All! Free of … Read more