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Tales of Arise Pharia Ranch Walkthrough

  • From: Elderly Man
  • Available: Menancia: Trasilda Highway farm area.
  • Strategy: Automatic
  • Reward: Unlocks Ranch, 800 Gald, 110 SP

You’ll find the client collapsed on the ground just past the bridge in Traslida Highway. Agree to help him until he gets back home safe. He’ll let you use his ranch to raise livestock in return. Here, you can raise cows, pigs and chickens. First, send livestock you want to raise to the barn then choose the type of feed to give them.

Give them the best one to greatly speed up reproduction rate. The most you can get is a litter of five. You won’t need to do anything more after this besides wait for the new livestock to mature so you can harvest their corresponding ingredient. And don’t forget to post cats and dogs to guard against pests that attack your livestock. Animals will disappear from the barn after a harvest, so you’ll have to repeat the whole process if you want more meat. You can manage the ranch by talking to merchants at campsites as well.

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